Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cafés Richard, SkyAvenue Genting Highlands

French dining experience made better when you're 5710metres from ground level, and what's best? It's hundred year old name restaurant from France. Started from 1892, this no.1 coffee roaster from France has opened its first branch outside of the country after remaining at its homeland for 125 years, and I'm very glad that my first french dining experience done right. 

Flower petal seats design from above

These came out just like scene from French movies

Aren't they pretty!

Aesthetic satisfaction

It was actually my first visit to SkyAvenue Mall, the latest addition of attraction to Genting Highlands' entertainment outlets. I'm so in love with the mall, there are so many instagrammable interior design just somewhere around the corner, and Cafes Richard is definitely one of them. Since it's already evening, hence we get to taste Cafes Richard's Menu Du Soir (menu of the night/ dinner menu).

My choice of dinner:
 escargots - roast duck - crepe

Since Cafes Richard is a famous french coffee roaster, their famous slow coffee method is definitely one of our choice. We ordered Sumatran Orang Utan Coffee (which part of the proceeds goes to endangered orang utans in Indonesia) and Ethiopian Moka Yirgacheffe both using the syphon method. 

Although they are famous for coffee, but I heard there's something for the non-caffeine lovers, which is also my favourite - Ice Chocolate! This cuppa taste smooth and aromatic at the same time, with fresh cream on top, I can have two glass in one go! 

Ice Chocolate - RM19

Jean is feeling adventurous that day, she ordered the prettiest looking cafe on the menu - Latte Jardin Fleur (literally means Flower Garden Latte). The combination of hibiscus, rose and elderflower in this cup of latter might taste a bit weird at first, but slowly as the caffeine sets in, it is actually like the name - A garden of flowers on your tongue tip!

Latte Jardin Fleur - RM20

and here comes my meal of the night:

Not really fresh (I presume is the location?), taste a bit bland

French Onion Soup
This isn't in the dinner set menu but we extra order this just because.
Tasted a bit weird at first (because we're not French I guess?) then it's alright.
Wowed by the soup bowl tho. lol.

Magret de Canard Á L'Orange
Honestly, I can't really find any good description about this dish probably except for the potatoes gratin.
Duck is dry, sauce taste weird, bitter brussels sprout. I kinda regret I chose this dish.

Caramelised pear and orange crepe with chocolate sauce. Another big no no from me.
Everything is too sweet.  

Crème Brûlée
This is good! Super crisp hard caramel and smooth cream.
When it comes to french dessert, it just have to be crème brûlée.

After dined at Cafes Richard, it turns out what they say about french dining duration is true. We spent 3 hours at this place and missed out the opportunity to walk around SkyAvenue Mall lol. But nonetheless it's a great experience and happy dining session with my beloved friends. 

Jean and her Olympus camera
(Read her blog here)

Thanks guys for the company.
(And yea, this visit was in April, hence my blonde hair lololol)

For more information:

Cafés Richard Malaysia Facebook Page

Level 1, SkyAvenue Mall
69000 Genting Highlands

Tel: 03-6101 1118

Open daily, 10am to 10pm

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