Monday, May 29, 2017

Product Review: I'm Meme Concealer

I'm a concealer person, due to my acne scars (occasionally pimples), concealer is one of the staple beauty item that I gotta have no matter where I go. As you guys know, good concealer is hard to find I've been through brands searching for the right one for me but either they are too heavy and cakey, or too sheer and unable to cover up my skin's flaws. 

During my trip to K-Beauty heaven last November, I decided to grab this concealer from the shop without any knowledge about the brand. It turns out when you're feeling adventurous, you might just found the perfect cosmetics and I'm talking about this:

I'm Meme Concealer in 01 Vanilla
Can't remember the price of this tho

Tube size, sturdy cap, doesn't leak

Precuse squeezing of amount

 creamy concealer

I'm Meme Concealer is creamy and yet lightweighted, provides good coverage of my dark circles and instantly brighten up my complexions too. Its natural finish gives a moisturized look that matches with my skin condition. I only used a small amount (probably like the size of a bead) for my face, and it is possible to do layering for full coverage look.

I used it for my lips as well too to give a neutral lip colour for my lipstick shade to show.

a close-up look of my skin condition after concealer applied

And I made my VERY FIRST beauty makeup video! It was so difficult editing beauty video, so much different than those travel/event videos I've done before. Although I've been following famous beauty instagrammers and view their videos now and then on instagram, but creating one myself is another world kinda issue. They look effortlessly pretty in all their vids and I just can't help feeling/looking weird and I can't made up my mind to smile or not. lol. 

Nonetheless, please enjoy viewing my short video and do give me some feedback! (It's rather short tho)

For more information:

I'M MEME Official Website


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