Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wonder Woman Inspired Makeup by W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette

Have you seen Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman? OH-MY-GOD my each and every breathe was taken away by her cute and innocent gestures as well as her bravery, courageous act and strong belief in bringing peace to the human race. Everything she presented on the big screen sets a very high standard on upcoming female superhero lead. 

So I decided to do a Wonder Woman inspired makeup video by using the products I have received on Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Party (read blog post here). It was difficult to create a makeup that looks effortlessly flawless on Gal Gadot, but I did tried my best and it was fun to do makeup video of such. 

(Click Play!)

The eyeshadow palette I used in the video above is W.Lab's Pocket Shadow Palette. My eyes were in heart emojis when I saw this baby in the birthday bag. It contains 10 matte and glitter brown shades that's perfect for my everyday looks.

Perfect size for stay-at-home and travel makeup routine

Look at 'em glitter and tones

Swatches on my yellowish pale skintone
one swipe for each tone, have I told you how much I love them glitter?

So here are all the makeup products I've used to achieve this Wonder Woman inspired look:
  • Face:
-Foundation: 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation in Natural Ivory
-Concealer: I'm Meme Concealer in Vanilla 

  • Eyes: 
-W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette in Calendula, Sunflower, Freesia
-Fasio Eyeshadow Palette for darker brown shade
-W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette in Acasia for highlight

-Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in Gray Brown

-Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Pencil in Onyx
-Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

-Maybelline in Big Eyes Mascara

  • Contour & Highlight:
-MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact

  • Lips:
-Orkid Cosmetics in Turnt
-dab highlight from MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact in middle area of lips

and voila!

I love this glowy, healthy makeup look, makeup look as such does empowers me from within and I appear to be more confident and strong, just like how Gal Gadot brings the positive impact in a worldwide scale that we can be pretty, funny, empathic, kind and justice if we believe in ourselves. I'm now looking forward to see her performance in Justice League!

Please do leave comment and tell me what do you think about my looks, as well as comments on my makeup video. Each and every of your comment and support is what drives to do better as well as enjoy doing it! Thank you~!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Butterfly Project Malaysia

If my blog were to count by years/days, this is will be my 12th/11th years of blog writing. It wasn't all-so-fancy when I think about it, blog writing definitely needs patience, perseverance and support and I am so glad that during my early blog writing years, I met the mamasan of Malaysian bloggers - Tammy

Honestly, I've never seen someone with so much passion when it comes to writing blog and sharing experiences and good deals she came across in her everyday life. I met her in SaSa blogger gatherings 8 or 9 years ago and I'm glad this friendship has been going on for so long and things has become bigger for her as she's one of the person-in-charge in Althea Korea and also the founder of Malaysian fashion/beauty blogger community - Butterfly Project. 

This year marks the 4th year of Butterfly Project, a lot of bloggers missed out the first celebration so Tammy decided to throw another party for bloggers to celebrate this wonderful event and she's the one paying for the party. Can you find someone who has so much passion and love when it comes to blogging and the love to see this industry grow? Honestly I can't, she really is the one and only mamasan for this industry, if it's not for seeing her going through her life's ups and downs and still insist in doing what she love + creating opportunities for bloggers, I might have gave up blogging some time ago. 

Upon receiving the invite to the party and saw the dress code was pastel, I seriously can't think of anything to wear as nowadays I'm more to monochromatic/casual style. Pastel is really not my thing lolololol so I decided to fully utilise my butterfly washi tape and use them to decorate my plainly drew makeup. 

Last minute working on the decoration. Event started at 3pm I'm cutting these butterflies out at cafe beside from 2:30p.m. with shivering hands because I'm too excited. *breathes heavily*

Beautifully decorated venue

There's no birthday party without cake and this cake is major love which later on it became a photo prop to all the bloggers. Jean almost drop it on the floor LOL!

Name cards and stickers for decoration purpose!
Perfect for crafty person like me yay!

TADAAA~! Our birthday bag sponsored by so many brands!
Not our birthday but we get presents! And so many of it! What sorcery is this Butterfly Project!

Here's what we have received inside the birthday bag!!! Totally OH-EM-GEE!!!

One of many Tammy's good traits is when she gives, she give whole-heartedly that you're the one being shy to receive. And this round, thanks to her and the whole Althea team, each and every blogger who attended the party received a birthday bag full of surprise goodies so that we have more things to blog about. I cannot tell you how much I love the products and I've already prepared a few separate blog posts to review them so stay tuned!

Here's a list of what we have received and thanks to all these generous sponsors who loaded the birthday bag with love and joy for each of us: 
  • Wanderlust Things Unicorn Face Makeup Brush
  • W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette
  • Orkid Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks
  • 1028 Bigs Eyes Magnifier Mascara
  • Dolly Wink LiquidEyeliner
  • Mamonde Liquid Eyeliner and Hydro Mist 
  • Neesya Cleansing Set
  • Hadabisei Moisturizing Face Mask
  • Clinelle UV Defense
  • Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream
  • Adidas Climacool Shower Gel and Deodorant
  • Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
  • Photobook Malaysia book and 4R prints

I guessed you would've know which few are my favourites as I've already started using them and posted in my instagram/insta story. Will do more reviews of these products so be sure you follow my Instagram account as well. 

Last but not least, G&G Studiobooth for beautiful photobooth decorations and photo print outs as memorabilia! The printed photos with Jean and Zihang is definitely going into my journal already.

The one and only photo that features me and makeup lol. Thanks Jean!
I've won a NYX makeup goodie bag too for best makeup XD

After seeing all these for a community birthday, can you find someone who has so much passion and love when it comes to blogging and the love to see this industry grow? Honestly I can't, Tammy really is the one and only mamasan for this industry, if it's not for seeing her going through her life's ups and downs and still insist in doing what she love + creating opportunities for bloggers, I might have gave up blogging some time ago. 

Seeing Butterfly Project going stronger and stronger, with more younger bloggers joining and senior bloggers like me and Jean staying around, this community is a platform to support each other in blogging industry especially when there are people who wanna exploit and use bloggers as free advertising marketing strategy. Community like Butterfly Project and people like Tammy teaches us that we bloggers do have our own worth and never, ever do anything for free, even bloggers need to eat and live life and there's no free lunch in this world right?

I hope I can continue be invited to the 5th, 6th, 7th and so on birthday of Butterfly Project and continue to be a part of this wonderful community.

For more information:

The Butterfly Project Official Facebook Page

Friday, June 2, 2017

Product Review: Heme Transparent Puff

I'm into beauty and makeup routine since my secondary school days, I'm not really good at it but somewhat experienced I guess? lol. One of my biggest fear is to clean my brushes and makeup applicator. They do take forever to become 100% dry and it really pissed me off when there's emergency situation that I need to use my brushes. 

Then there comes the sponge blender that revolutionized the makeup applicator industry. You can find it in every youtube/instagram makeup tutorial video. It is quite amazing as it is soft, skin remain unharmed, reachable at difficult angles of face such as the nose wing edges but still, it absorb my foundation way too much and to take care of its cleanliness is the same fuss as makeup brush. 

Till lately, God of Makeup has answered my prayer for easily maintain makeup applicator and some genius in Taiwan has released this:
Heme Baby Q Transparent Puff

This super cute silicon baby is super soft, jelly-like texture gives skin feather-like touch. Not to mention it doesn't absorb my foundation AT ALL, so each and every cent spent on it goes a very long way! Plus it gives this evenly spread and lightweight finishing whenever I apply foundation with it, the radiant sheen look is suitable for everyday makeup.

Airbrushed and flawless look achievable with this!

This transparent puff should definitely win the most eco-friendly makeup applicator award. Apply cleanser on it, lather and rinse then you're done. I clean it everytime after I did my makeup, talk about hygiene of makeup applicator, nothing can beat this smiley happy thing.

Not so lazy to clean my makeup applicator anymore

And I heard it can last for 10 years?! Imagine without having to look for makeup brush/applicator for a decade. It's clean, easy to carry around, gentle to skin and eco-friendly, this cute lil fella is gonna stay with me for a long long time.