Friday, June 2, 2017

Product Review: Heme Transparent Puff

I'm into beauty and makeup routine since my secondary school days, I'm not really good at it but somewhat experienced I guess? lol. One of my biggest fear is to clean my brushes and makeup applicator. They do take forever to become 100% dry and it really pissed me off when there's emergency situation that I need to use my brushes. 

Then there comes the sponge blender that revolutionized the makeup applicator industry. You can find it in every youtube/instagram makeup tutorial video. It is quite amazing as it is soft, skin remain unharmed, reachable at difficult angles of face such as the nose wing edges but still, it absorb my foundation way too much and to take care of its cleanliness is the same fuss as makeup brush. 

Till lately, God of Makeup has answered my prayer for easily maintain makeup applicator and some genius in Taiwan has released this:
Heme Baby Q Transparent Puff

This super cute silicon baby is super soft, jelly-like texture gives skin feather-like touch. Not to mention it doesn't absorb my foundation AT ALL, so each and every cent spent on it goes a very long way! Plus it gives this evenly spread and lightweight finishing whenever I apply foundation with it, the radiant sheen look is suitable for everyday makeup.

Airbrushed and flawless look achievable with this!

This transparent puff should definitely win the most eco-friendly makeup applicator award. Apply cleanser on it, lather and rinse then you're done. I clean it everytime after I did my makeup, talk about hygiene of makeup applicator, nothing can beat this smiley happy thing.

Not so lazy to clean my makeup applicator anymore

And I heard it can last for 10 years?! Imagine without having to look for makeup brush/applicator for a decade. It's clean, easy to carry around, gentle to skin and eco-friendly, this cute lil fella is gonna stay with me for a long long time.

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