Tuesday, July 4, 2017

7 Days To A Brand New You

One week, 7 days, what can I achieve? Time flies by before anyone notice and it's July already! Look back to the previous six months of year 2017, I should feel embarassed that there's not much I've achieved for the past half year. So I'ma make up to it and start this 7 Days Law of Attraction to-do-list and see what unfolds in my life:

  • Day ONE: Think of what to manifest

This should be something small and easy to achieve, but it has to be something that you really want and compatible for the plan of your life. Once it's done, it will light you up from the inside and make you feel passionate for the rest of the week, e.g: strike up a new friendship, use RM100 to buy that dress you've been eyeing, say yes to a social gathering and etc. 

Think carefully of what you want, then write down in a piece of post it note and stick it somewhere you can see everyday. It will remind you the positivity to manifest in your life. 

Changing hair colour or hairstyle can spice things up in life, that's what I like to do when my lifestyle has become stagnant

  • Day TWO: Affirmations
Come up with a set of affirmations that are linked with this week's goal, such as: I'm going to look up the hair colour chart and choose the colour I like most or I'm gonna try on that dress I've been eyeing. At the same time, tell people about your goals, but choose them wisely as the should be positive and have an encouraging mindset towards what your goal is. Friends like this will help us channel our positive energy into our goals and enhanced our belief in the ability to manifest what we want. 

Although they like to burn each other, but when it comes to low self-esteem or life problems, they are the ones that stood me up and assured me I'm worthy of anything! Thank you guys!

  • Day THREE: Practice clear visualization
Imagine a clear, vivid visual of what you will like to manifest: you imagine yourself in new hair colour, in that new dress, having a great time with friends etc. To enhance the visualization, create a mood/vision board. Add any words, pictures, materials that feels right and represents your goal. 

art pieces I like from the Collective | Individuals at Urbanscapes 2017

  • Day FOUR: Act "as if"
It sounds tricky but in order to work towards goal in life is to act "as if" you already owned it. If you were to buy that dress, act as if you already own that dress and feels confident in it. Keep believing that the things that you want is coming, never ever tell yourself otherwise. 

  • Day FIVE: Make a gratitude list

Think of the things you already have that is similar to the goal in your life such as that pretty dress you bought last season and got everyone complimented. Focus on the feelings of gratitude evoked from having those things in life. 

This list-making activity focuses on the manifestation potential that you already know you have and channeled the energy and attention into what your goal is and will definitely give it a good boost of confidence. 

Looking at my journal makes me happy because I can keep track of what I've achieved so far and it gave me a confidence boost to what's coming in my life

  • Day SIX: Look for opportunities
Opportunities are all around us, when we channel our focus into achieving a certain goal in life, an open-minded approach towards our search and inspiration will open up our eyes to certain method that we did not realize it was there all along. If you're looking for and earning an extra RM50-RM100/per day, you'll probably start to notice side jobs such being an uber driver or such will help you achieved your target. Opportunities and chances are all around us, even in unlikely places, we just have to keep our options, eyes and mind open. 

  • Day SEVEN: Share your result
On the final day, write down your result in your journal, on a piece of paper or even on your facebook status. Look back your experience and see if there's anything you could've done better and if you've done mistakes. Mistakes are life's greatest teacher and they are golden opportunities to learn and improve ourselves from time to time. So don't be afraid of making mistakes. 

I've made quite some mistakes when it comes to choosing skincare products that aren't suitable to my skin. I have quite confusing combination skin type so it is hard to find skincare that can take care my whole face without jeopardise certain skin area. 

At the same time I wanted to slow down ageing as fast as I could, so when NUTOX came out with a 7 day programme, I'm IN! Without paraben, colourant and mineral oil, this whole set of NUTOX skincare set really change my skin to a better condition after 7 days.

From left to right:
Cleansing Foam, Moisturising Lotion and Advanced Serum Concentrate

  • Cleansing Foam: 
I love how foamy this cleansing foam is. It cleans my pores thoroughly without leaving any signs of dirts and residues on my skin. I can immediately notice my skin has brighten up after wash, smoother and finer as well. (Hence now my face and neck has become two different tone T_T)

  • Moisturizing Lotion:
Ultra right, non greasy and easy absorption, this moisturizing lotion makes my skin feels supple and refreshing on every application. With SPF25PA++, I can now protect my skin from harmful UV rays too even when I'm at home. 

  • Advanced Serum Concentrate:
This newly formulated lightweight serum speeds up my skin's restoration and rejuvenation due to its tons of hyaluronic acid in it, my skin feels moisturised and yet bouncy when touch. I like the smooth, fine feeling of skin whenever I apply this serum on my face. 

After the basic 1-2-3 skincare step, here comes to complete the day and night facial care routine with the day cream and night cream:

Anti Ageing Day Cream 

Infused with birdnest collagen and botanical extracts, it rebuilds the bonding effect of my skin between collagen and elastin, leaving my skin firmer with lifting effect after each application. It is non greasy and easy to absorb, my skin tone looks more even and lines are smoothen too.

Night Repair Cream

This night repair cream is packed with goodies from the day cream, and it has a more moisturizing effect, that my skin feels nourished and moisturized till the next morning even though I'm sleeping in an airconditioned room. It also improved my skin tone and complexion with its micro-circulation content, my skin looks fair and less yellowish for now. 

I made a short video to show you how I usually apply my skincare routine, using whole set of NUTOX skincare products:

7 days to a brand new you from inside and outside isn't something impossible, if you put your mind into it, you'll be amaze by how much potential you have in it, and that's what I like about NUTOX skincare products - the potential of stay young and fair isn't a dream anymore. 

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