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JC亂水Talk Show, Take A Shot Studio A

Last Sunday, I went to a talk show organized by JC Cheah who is a DJ from Ai FM ( Malaysia's national chinese radio station) and also secondary school friend of Fei. I met him only once and it was a short dinner session so when Fei first send me the promotional image of this talk show, I told him let's go and support your friend for his first talk show ever. 

So on this beautiful Sunday evening, we drove for almost an hour to reach the venue:

Take A Shot

Numbered seating! Not bad!!!

Take A Shot Studio Cafe located at Desa Serdang, which is a bit further inside The Mines Shopping Centre. It's a cafe with a studio (or studio with a cafe) with the studio located behind the cafe. If weren't for this talk show, I wouldn't even know this cafe's existence. 

They have this huge wall dedicated to Paper Shoot Malaysia, which is a customisable eco-friendly 5 million megapixels camera which you can print out into A4 sizing. For those who are into cameras and photography might feel this is a place for you because there are vintage cameras all around the corners of this cafe.

We were told that we can order food as dinner before the show start, hence we reach the cafe about an hour before show time but only to be told that they are unable to serve food at the moment. It must be due to the overwhelming crowd that their kitchen unable to handle the cooking situation, and worst case is there aren't any eatery located around within walking distance, so we watch the show with hunger that night boohoo. 

I guess it would be easier if they limit to certain food menu when it comes to event day and they could've easily sort out customers' order without overwhelming by all the orders. Easy food menu like spaghettis only and sides like french fries or wedges are some excellent choice. 

Our only option is order two cups of coffee and get a free cake:

Free cake
Didn't even know its name. lol

Rose Latter, RM13
Super duper small cup of latte for a price like this
Can't even fill up to 80% of this paper cup
not to mention its taste was mediocre

Iced Americano, RM8
Compared to hot coffee, iced coffee apparently comes in larger size
Taste normal tho

About 8:15p.m, audience are invited into the studio and take their seats. It was a big studio and we saw a plain but aesthetically pleasing stage, waiting for speaker of the night to give it life.

Simple is beauty

Some of you may not know what are those two chinese words means, 亂 means messy, chaotic, when both words combined, it can mean a messy situation, a chaotic event, a confusing state etc. These two words aren't proper mandarin but a slang often used by Malaysia and HongKongese in daily conversations.

After knowing the meaning of those two Chinese words, it will be easier to understand that this talk show's topic is gonna be somewhat messy. Did I forget to mention that this is JC's very first talk show? It was his dream to organize such talk show with audiences buying tickets to see him talk about just any topic. It is very different from how he talk on air every morning.

Hi JC!

He actually did covered a lot of recent amusing happenings from SPM certificates to government taxes to politics to women issues and so on. Although he's skimming through from topics to topics ( due to his job I think it would be quite risky for him to discuss bout certain topic in depth) but everything was amusing.

Although this was his first talk show, I find myself enjoyed it very much. Especially as a Malaysian while being presented with tons of amusing national news on national news media (newspaper or radio) everyday, it's hard not to find all these topics funny at some ways. Last but not least he sang a song from Jackie Cheung as closing and marked the end of this talk show.

Ok probably you should just stick to doing talk shows instead lololol.

Flower bouquet from JC's wife
Guy from left is William, emcee of the night who is also a broadcaster for Menica Media Entertainment

Each entrance ticket costs RM30, but what's waiting for audiences that we did not expect is there are lucky draw sessions where 13 lucky audiences will walk away with prizes sponsored by Traveloc and YYC. I start to find this show is worthy to go, so if he's organizing second show anytime soon, I'm in!

Lucky draw session

Lucky winners

Group photo of the night

I listen to JC broadcast almost every morning but it does feel different to see him presenting his own talk show on the stage that night. I'm glad that he did well and I'm hoping he can organize more and more talk shows like this one and gradually get better and better like Dayo Wong 黃子華 from Hong Kong who is famous for his talk show.

Once again, thanks for inviting and it was a good presentation! Looking forward to your next!

For more information:

JC's Official Facebook Page

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