Saturday, July 1, 2017

Une Bonne Soirée at Posh Nail Spa, TTDI

Soirée means a casual gathering with friends,  delicious food, chit chat and a great time spent together in French. If on top of delicious food, there's wine, manicure or pedicure session with your girlfriends, there's nothing can top that seriously. 

Thanks for Butterfly Project's invitation to the Butterfly Soirée at Posh Nail Spa, me, Jean, Zihang and some bloggers had an awesome girls gathering where there are wine served by Wine Talk Malaysia, magnificent desserts served by La Rose Noire and of course venue + manicure and pedicure session sponsored by Posh Nail Spa.

this awesome Eiffel Tower dessert tray got everyone going "I WANT THIS"

each and every bite is heavenly~

I've visited Posh Nail Spa for a few times and they've refurbished and rebrand into a more elegant classic style. It feels awesome to see brands that you've known all along grows along with you and so does Butterfly Project. Although some of the blogger who were invited to the event were the ones I've never meet before, but I know the community is growing bigger and bigger and that's a healthy sign of a community. 

The elegant classic interior style of the rebranded Posh Nail Spa is major love!
I remember how they used to be all pink and girly. 

I love these nail designs, created by Rachel from Posh Nail Spa
Especially the marble ones!


Let's start this soirée shall we!

Girls talk, wine, desserts, pedicure
This is life!

The color I chose for my pedicure is stardust grey
So in love with that colour, it goes well with my style

Mes Amies
Thanks for such a lovely afternoon 

It's been a while since I went to a all-girls gathering, we drink Moscato from Tenimenti Ca'Bianca from Italy, eat French desserts, glam up our nails, and gossip like nobody's business. Now I know how does it feels to be rich tai tais. lolololol. So if you were into organizing a gathering like this, do feel free to contact these people:

Manicure Pedicure:
Posh! Nail Spa @ TTDI
31, Lorong Dato Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

La Rose Noire

Wine Talk Malaysia

Thank you Butterfly Project for such a wonderful event.

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