Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kiehl's Nature's Playground, MyTown Shopping Centre

I guess one of the most precious moment of my childhood were the times me and my younger brother playing at playground. We would climb high and low, play with slides and swings, trying to bump each other off the see saw and laugh like there's only happiness in the world. We were never not laughing, and as an adult, I really miss those happy moments I share with my sibling.

And thanks to Kiehl's Malaysia, I get to experience my favourite childhood activities again, this time with my beloved Fei! 

So ready to becoming a child again

Kiehl's Nature's Playground is a global event, and the largest interactive-beauty-playground for both adults and children. Me and Fei had so much fun exploring this oversized fun land and got so exhausted at the end of the day lol.

fun filled activities waiting for us to discover

Since it's an interactive beauty-playground, we've learned a lot of Kiehl's history and product information throughout completing the map, it's a fun way to learn how our skin works well with which Kiehl's products as well as natural ingredients that are used to produced each and every Kiehl's star items!

H2O is very crucial for healthy skin

Nescafe Gold Coffee anyone? They contains natural antioxidant as well!

Here are some highlights of this fun land:

Kiehl's Heritage Apothecary, vintage pop-up Kiehl's store for skin consultation on the spot
I got some free samples alongside too!

free skin consultation and found the perfect product combination for my skin

Calendula Swing

Nature's Market

Checking out the ingredients that are being used in Kiehl's products

And this Nature's Playground ain't all just for fun, Kiehl's Malaysia is partnering with National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) to give support to 300,000 children that are suffering in silence. With every jar of Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream (designed by Matthew McConaughey) sold, Kiehl's Malaysia will donate RM25 to NASOM. If you happened to saw those beautifully designed ultra facial cream, please do not hesitate to get one and lend a helping hand to those who are in need.

Last but not least, the event ends with Kiehl's Malaysia 10th Year Anniversary celebration and this coming December, Kiehl's Malaysia is gonna send 10 lucky winners to the homeland of Kiehl's - NEW YORK! Stay tuned at Kiehl's Malaysia Facebook Page to find out how to win it!

There's no better feeling in this world to let your inner child run wildly and freely, thank you Kiehl's Malaysia for this wonderful event and I hope there are many, many years of celebration to come! 

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