Thursday, January 18, 2018

Surrounded By Water

We all feeling drown sometimes.

Suffocated, unable to explain feelings that choked up inside, trying to grasp for air and yet there's no one around us able to notice the difference. We are dying more and more inside and yet we put on mask and fake it till we make it in this world. 

At least that's how I've been feeling for the past few months. And yes, it also answers the question of my two months hiatus from blogging. But guess what: I'm back! Stronger and better (I hope) than before, and therefore I've decided to dedicate my first post of 2018 with a little shooting project that happens inside the small bathroom of mine called "Surrounded by Water".

Collaborating with Althea Korea, they sent me a beauty box back in September specially curated for waterproof makeup. Hence I'm able to create this shoot without smudge mascara, melted-eyeliner-panda eyes, or streams of dark water flowing through my face. 


  • Face Primer and Makeup Setting Spray: Holika Holika Face Conditioner
Lightweight, refreshing and contains western rose water, crown sap, birch sap, lemon extract and lotus extract, this mist spray prep my skin for that healthy glow look plus it sets my makeup for longer lasting effect. It keeps my skin moisturised too so my combination skin won't get too oily under Malaysia's hot and humid weather throughout the day.

  • Tony Moly BCDation O!Oi Waterproof Cushion with SPF50+PA++++
Gives my face a matte finishing, this stylish waterproof cushion is eye catching. Great coverage, one layer of application and immediately I can see my face was brighten up with less visible wrinkles and spots. With its matte finishing, this product doesn't give me the "oily face" look after one whole day, and definitely waterproof too.


  • VDL Expert Colour Eye Primer in Serenity
If you watched Sailor Moon, you would've know Queen Serenity and as a huge fan of Sailor Moon, this eye primer immediately got my attention! A faint icy blue colour eye primer, after blending onto my eyelids, it makes eyeshadows colour pop and longer lasting. With its Stay Fix system, my eyeshadow does stay for the whole day without creasing or oily. Definitely recommend for those who have oily eyelids like mine.

  • Milky Dress Barbie Make Mascara
As mentioned on their packaging, this mascara is all about curling + volume + long lash. I like its black coating that give my eyelashes the extra black and deep eye look, its curling fix with soft wax was fine too then I found out its soft wax make this mascara easily removable. Just one gentle swipe up and it's removed. Although it doesn't clumped and smudge under hot and humid weather, but I don't recommend to use this mascara if you're heading for a swim/ to the beach as water will get into eyes and by just one rub the mascara will be gone. 

  • Wangskin Lip Tattoo Tint Pack in Pink
For long lasting lip colour/ if you're a lazy person like me who always forget to touch up their lipstick after meal, this is for us! After apply, just wait for about 30seconds and remove the extra tint, voila! Pink lips for the day! The colour wasn't vibrant, it look just nice on me and give that healthy lips glow after application. It does smell and taste a bit funny so beware of not let the tint get inside your mouth or stained your teeth. 

 Summer days ahead, one of my 2018 intentions is to become healthier, even though it means get under the sun, go to a lot of beaches and get tanner. Beauty is just skin deep and I'm pretty much done with the endless whitening skincare routine that most of Asians gone crazy for. I want that healthy glow and happy heart by soaking up the sun rays and sea breeze, with my salty hair and sandy feet.

Yes, I'm hoping for more beach vacations this year and thanks Althea Korea for the useful beauty box!

For More Information:

Althea Korea Official Website