Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jiabang Rice Terraces, Guizhou, China

Rice, staple food for most Asian countries and yet I can count the times I visited rice field with my both hands. I like the vast rice field that connects with the sky, looking at wind breeze through the paddy field, forming a sort of waves that sounded like rain. Everything seems distance, wide, and peaceful.

Until I've visited the rice terraces of Jiabang located at the south west side of Guizhou this April, hence I truly realise how blessed we are that we can plant paddies on open terrain and our soil is rich enough to provide nutrients to paddies that allow farmers harvest twice a year in a more comfortable way. Same type of plant, different terrain, different method and effort hence forming a unique type of scenery that I saw at Jiabang, Guizhou.

We arrived Jiabang by tour bus the night before after 6 hours ride and I can barely see my fingers throughout the whole journey after the sun sets. There are no street lights, houses scattered far and deep into the rice terraces, I can barely hear a sound that night when we check into our hotel.

Gloomy morning

The sky did not clear up for us that day boohoo T_T

From generation to generation, Jiabang rice terraces farmers are mostly Guizhou's Miao Tribe villagers. The harsh living condition did not stop them from farming and living a peaceful life on these mountainous terrain, yet they created a heaven on earth for themselves with all the hard work throughout their lives. I'm glad I get to witness the beauty of this 40 km² rice terraces as Jiabang isn't a fully developed tourist spot yet, only a few tourists get to seen here and there and most of them are photographers.

Jiaju Village where most of the locals live here.

Jiaju Village and rice terraces
Can you imagine if it was a sunny day?

Dog playing with rice terrace's mud! Look at its feet!!! So cute I cannot!

Hello little fella~

Farmers planting crops

Since it's a village, there are so many cute animals roaming around the street, into the rice terraces, and they looked adorable (when they are not chasing me fiercely hahahaha):

Since we're at rice terraces, what's more fun than brave ourselves to walk on the narrow dividers, enjoy the view up close? There are fishes and frogs that inhabits in these rice terraces, and also leeches! I was told to be cautious when walking at the border as most of these mud borders are soft and frail, do test out the solidity before you walk to avoid mud bath or worse: leech therapy! Of course, I wouldn't wanna destroy these rice terraces as well because I know how hard it was to build each and every segment, filled them with water and plant crops in it hence, be very careful with your each and every steps to preserve the hard work of farmers at Jiabang.

Clean air, mountain springs to fill the rice terraces, ample of sun, rich soil, these are some of the core elements to produce good rice and crops. Longevity isn't a rare sight among the villagers, I believe it is because of the pollution-free and stress-free environment, clean food, sufficient amount of labour work as exercise each day, there lies the known-fact of lifespan extension in a natural and harmless way.

When looking at Jiabang rice terraces, it reminds me of the basic skincare I brought with me during this trip. Formulated with more than 94% ingredients of natural origin, the Yves Rocher's Elixir Jeunesse Reviving Roll-On for Eyes and Double Action Essence are made with 3 promises:

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Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Double Action Essence

Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Reviver Eye Roll On

Fancy packaging and invigorating scent aren't my main concern in my skincare routine anymore. What I'm more into nowadays are the source ingredients of each and every product I use as well as its effect on my skin. Patented in France, Yves Rocher's natural products contributes so much in maintaining ecosystem in cosmetic/skincare industry and they are against animal testing as well. Choosing a brand that help protects the environment from all aspect (using recycled or recyclable materials, eco friendly tube) indirectly put my mind at ease that I did my part on taking care the ecosystem while taking care of my skin.

Both roll on eye cream and essence are packed with over concentrated Madagascan Alphoia extract, these products are rich in phytochemical mangiferin that helps fight back environmental aggressors' oxidative attacks on skin that are triggered by polluted environment and UV rays. Alphoia extract absorbs fast into my skin, rejuvenates and detoxified my eyes and facial area. Leaving no greasy feelings,  my skin feels repaired, fresh and healthy upon every application even though my mind and body felt exhausted with long hours flight and rides.

nothing beats the relaxing feeling of applying this roll-on eye cream every day and night

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For more information:

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All photos taken with:

Olympus OMD EM1 Mark ii
M.Zuiko Pro Lens 12-100mm F2.8