Monday, November 26, 2018


Health, was never my concern, at least not when I was two years younger. It seems like a far fetch issue that doesn't bother me and have nothing to do with me, but I was wrong. Like really wrong. I started to notice my health heading downwards right after I step into my 30s, and I started to realise I really, really need my body to catch up with my daily life if I wanna stay in the traveling game.

Of course, my body can't really do that if I'm just being who I am now - inactive and eat unhealthily. 

Have you ever felt no matter how early you slept the day before you just can't wake up? I do. 

Have you ever felt no matter how many cups of coffee you drink your brain just seems not functioning? I do.

Have you ever felt so suffocating hiking uphill that you're just a thin line away from giving up? I do. 

Have you ever felt so groggy and unwilling to proceed with your daily tasks because you're feeling fatigue? I do. 

Seriously, I can list down a very long list of how exhausting and useless I felt whenever I'm dealing with my daily and traveling routines and deep down inside, I know and I hope my physical can be stronger than what it is right now. It really pains me to figure out I wasn't as fit as I was before and I wasn't as healthy than I was before. Don't let me start with all the weight gains and fats accumulated around my waist and thighs. 

When I was in Japan, I was amazed by how healthy a meal can be. Fresh ingredients that tasted so so delicious and seriously I am jealous of all the Japanese (and Japan tourists) right now because they're literally having the best of everything - eggs, rice, meats, water... you name it!

like seriously, how can you be not healthy if you're eating this daily?

Food, as the main source of various proteins, vitamins and minerals, are crucial for body to maintain its maximum energy and well-being state. My mum definitely agrees with her both hands and legs when I say I'm pro in picking at food. I seldom eat greens and fruits which is a big no no if you want beautiful skin and healthier body which have loads of dietary fibres in you that make up an important part of nutrition.

Truth is: I don't enjoy eating greens. Especially one with thick roots. Also being an active traveler in recent years left me no choice of healthy food choice (imagine flight meals and tour company arrangement of local food which most of the time vegetables aren't available as an option). Don't get me starting with fruits too - the troubles with skin peeling, seeds removing, hands sticky after consume and such. Complicated eating method such as fruits really isn't what I like to do, regardless how nutritious it is. 

I started seeking alternatives. I know there must be someway somehow that I can help my body to replenish all the nutritions that it is suppose to receive. I did my research from Japanese magazines how Japanese celebrities and models are maintaining their body healthily and then I saw this word - supplements.

I banned medical usage or pure diet pills that suppress your hungers and let you starve your way to a slimmer looking body, or supplements that make you diarrhoea like there's no tomorrow. I don't know why people so obsessed with slimming. To me, I really think to own a healthy body is much more important than a skinny body, and when you eat right and being active, slimming down will be a natural process.

Hence, I'm currently trying out these "on-the-go" supplements which has different benefits to my physical, but they are mostly enzyme based:

Lennox Inner D'Tox 

I was terrified of the word detox because usually it means nonstop diarrhoea until you have nothing left inside your bowels but using good enzyme to detox and cleanse my body is totally safe and seriously, nothing happens after I consumed these enzyme sachets except my bowel movements are smoother than before. 

Lennox Inner D'Tox series comes in 4 different types:
  • Antioxidants & Probiotics: For strengthen digestion system, each sachets comes with 5 billions probiotics cfu (colony forming units) which is 5 times more than minimum CFUs an adult should have. The probiotics are naturally source from 3 types of Probiotics Strains plus prebiotics.

  • Waterful Skin: Natural sourced rice ceramide that holds moisture of the skin and gives skin the plump look - rice ceramide are well known as anti-ageing supplement for skin that combats skin's harmful environment and also replenish natural lipids if 

  • Collagen: 3000mg of Aqueous Marine Collagen in one sachet! Being the most efficient absorption of all collagen types, Aqueous Marine Collagen is type 1 collagen which derive from fish. It improves sagging skin, building strong and durable connective tissues, bones and skin.

  • Diet Enzyme: With 126 types of mixed fruits, vegetables extracts as well as live culture enzyme, this enzyme proteins balance chemical in body and level up metabolism rate as well as cells renewal speed, which enhance body's overall immune system too.

Always on-the-go?
No problem!

Why I'll choose Lennox Enzyme Supplements as my daily supplement intake? It's because these good enzymes come in small sachets and I can bring them anywhere everywhere with me, even when I had to travel abroad. Just one sachet every morning to help maintain my body's metabolism and cell renewal rate.

Now I don't have to worry if I didn't consume enough greens or fruits daily because one small sachet gives me 6 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables worth of good, active enzymes! I just started these supplements for a week and I've been feeling energetic than I was before (even I'm right now going through my period days, I felt less fatigue! I used to just sleep for 2-3 days barely can do anything!) and also as above mentioned - my bowel movements are smooth~! Hahahaha okay maybe too much informations.

Anyway, these Lennox Inner D'Tox supplements are ONLY available at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets as well as Watsons Online Store (CLICK HERE) and are priced at:

  • Antioxidants & Probiotics: RM38.80
  • Waterful Skin: RM38.80
  • Collagen: RM38.80
  • Diet Enzyme: RM32.80
Each pack comes with 14 sachets so that's 2 weeks worth of vegetables and fruits active enzymes! Not to mention they tasted great because it's apple yoghurt flavoured hahahaha. If you dislike greens and troublesome fruits eating, maybe you can consider taking good enzyme supplements like I do!

Can't wait to see more overall improvement of my health!


littlemalingshu_cinda said...

You looks great and beautiful!
Let me try Lennox Inner D'Tox series soon!~ xoxo

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Hahahaha! Thank you so much Cinda!