Wednesday, December 19, 2018


"Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance."

- Christopher Poindexter 

What's your happiest memories? Does your happiest memories often link with scent? Like the scent of popcorn when you watched a family movie with your family? The scent of after rain when you dance with your loved ones on a grassy field? The scent of a cuppa hot brewing coffee in the morning your mum made you? Some of these scents we wish they could linger a little longer so we could relive the happy memories again and again. 

What if I told there's a fragrance library that has all these scents that you've been looking for in your whole life?

That's right! Demeter Fragrance Library has finally landed in Watsons and this handcrafted fragrance brands captures the emotive scent and the essence of happy memories are now store in a bottle of fragrance. Since 1996, the talented Christopher Brosius who is the talented perfumer of Demeter, started handcrafting fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. Till today, the fragrance library has more than 300 different fragrances that will triggers our strongest emotional response.

I'm very particular when it comes to fragrances. I wish it could represent me and also express my feelings and emotions without having to say a word. I know I'm a fussy customer hence till today I haven't found my "perfect fragrance" and seriously, I hate to smell like everyone. lol. I don't know why I just don't really like fragrances that everybody uses, it kinda lost the meaning of personal touch to me. 

So when I found out that Demeter Fragrance Library has more than 300 scents, I was shocked. Then when I saw the arrays of fragrances displayed at the tester stations, I was elated! Why? Because I found so many scents that related to my happiest childhood memories. There's scent like After Rain, Thunderstorm, Crayon, Fresh Brew Coffee, Kitten Fur and so much more!

Thunderstorm is my favourite!

And when I learn that we are going to customise our own fragrance, I felt so excited! I can finally curate a scent that represents "ME" with thoughts and feelings in it. I like something outdoor and yet fruity, it is a bit complicated hence I had a hard time choosing between the categories as guests at the event are divided into 3 categories: Floral, Party and Outdoor.

While most of the female guests chose either floral or party, I decided I'm going for the outdoor category because of that one scent I found on the table: After The Rain. That is so gonna be the top note of my specially curated fragrance!

Pluviophile will get me!

How to curate your own fragrance? It is super easy! Just follow this few steps:
  • Test the fragrance oils scent on tester strips. Find your perfect combination. 
  • Fill the perfume base to the tester bottle till it is almost full
  • 4 - 6 drips of your desired scent fragrance oils
  • you can combine as many different fragrance oils until you've curated your own scent
  • close the cap and shake the bottle lightly until everything is well mixed
  • Voila! You have your first mini bottle of specially curated fragrance!
Next is just repeating the steps by multiplying drops of fragrance oils by 3! It's super easy isn't? But no, I had some hard time deciding the fragrance oils! I knew I wanted After The Rain but at the same time I wanted something fruity as well. 

should I go for fresh lemon?

Filling it up with perfume base

In the end I went for pink grapefruit!

I never had so much fun at an event. I guess it must be those scents that triggered my happiest memories and emotions. Nothing is more memorable than a smell and memories triggered by scent have some of the strongest emotional connections that's far more intense than other sensory memory triggers.

Highlight of the event: Personalize our own fragrance creation

it's like watching the birth of my own baby!

I shall name you: Dancing in the Rain
Finally I found a fragrance that represents me for me!

Aside from letting us customized our own scent, Demeter Fragrance Library has curated scent for our beloved cities of Malaysia as well! Named as The City Version, these limited edition fragrances are specially curated and inspired by our historical cities. These cities are Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Malacca and Penang! I hope they come out with Sabah and Sarawak~ I can't wait to smell the scent of forest and long houses of Orang Asli!

I guess this made a perfect Christmas gift to people who misses our cities eh?

Once again, thank you so much Demeter Fragrance Library and Watsons Malaysia for such a fun afternoon. I had so much fun smelling each and every fun name fragrance on that day and finally curated my own scent! Did I tell you that Koreans and Hollywood celebs like Demeter fragrances as well? There are more than 300 stores in Korea and exports to more than 20 countries worldwide. Now Malaysia has it too!

Do check out selected Watsons stores and online stores if you're interested in getting yourself Demeter fragrances. For more information, do visit for more information!

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