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My first thought of the DPL hair removal service: IT WAS FAST!

Decided to go for waxing services before Christmas so I can look good and feel good to dress up as a gift to Fei lololol. Just joking. Waxing to me is something private and personal, one step closer to a hygienic and self-caring lifestyle, and since I'm feeling adventurous, I decided to go to Wax Candy The Wax Bar which located at Faber Towers, Taman Desa to get my waxing done. 

Wax Candy's gummy bear logo~ super cute!

I heard about Wax Candy from my friend and after checking out their high ratings on Facebook, I went to book my appointment and went to Taman Desa branch (they have another new outlet at Uptown, just right opposite The Starling Mall). When I reach the shop I was like: wow this waxing parlour so nice, like a cafe! I can take my OOTD here!

And I really took a nice OOTD XD

Such a cute corner

My waxing needs from a waxing bar is simple:

  • Hygienic environment
  • Skilled waxing specialist
  • Certified machines and waxing equipments
  • Reliable source of waxing products

And all these requirements of mine are met at Wax Candy! It was such a relax environment and the waxing specialist of Wax Candy is so friendly and keeps chatting with me so I kinda let go of my nervousness and it was an enjoyable DPL and waxing experience.

very relaxing environment, like spa room!

clean equipments, I approve!

Latest DPL machine imported from Korea

So what's DPL? All along I only heard about IPL so DPL is pretty new to me. DPL is the stronger, more advanced laser technology that combine both IPL and laser power for semi-permanent form of hair reduction. With laser pulse targeting the hair follicle and disabling it from future hair growth, hair reduction rate are as high 70%-85%!

So if you have unwanted hair growth, just go for 6 - 12 sessions of DPL treatment and you can say bye bye to your unwanted hair! I wished I went for DPL treatment earlier so I could've save all my shaving time and shavers money.

Aside from that, I've lost count on times I forgot to bring a shaver with me when I travel and I couldn't wear sleeveless until I bought shavers from a convenience store, which those shavers aren't specifically for feminine shaving but I have no choice! I strongly recommend to go for DPL treatment for unwanted hair which will:
1) make life easier, no more shaving or forgetting shavers stories
2) hygienic and towards a self care, well-being lifestyle

I might be late to jump on the silky smooth skin bandwagon but hey, remember what they say about tree planting? The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW!

a friendly note about treatment after care
I finish reading it all while I was taking off my top

Hahahahah omg my pose, totally look like I'm sunbathing at the beach

Since I haven't experience any IPL or DPL service, I have no idea what I'm going through. Luckily Wax Candy specialist brief me through step by step, chat with me and let me know that it is almost painless and the laser treatment will end before I even know it.

She applied some cooling gel and started the DPL treatment at my underarm areas. I was nervous when I heard the beeping but after the first shot I knew I was in good hands. With a more diffuse approach, DPL hair removal treatment targets black pigments in the hair. It's non-invasive, safe and also effective. 

There's a slight tingling sensation when the probe touches the hair pigmented but nothing painful or whatsoever

After 5 minutes, the DPL treatment was done! I was like: Eh? So fast one??? LOL! It really ended before I knew. Aside from removing unwanted hair growth, DPL is used in solving pigmentation and acne problems as well. Wax Candy's DPL treatment is suitable for both men and women too! So imma stop shaving and start my regular DPL treatment from now on so I can have smoother, silkier, radiant underarm areas!

immediately after DPL session
no sores, very mild redness, all good!

After the quick DPL session, I went for Martini waxing. I like the feeling of warm wax applied on skin, it feels soothing and makes me feel calm and relax. It's been awhile since I last had any waxing services so I think I might as well refresh my waxing experience and give it a go with Wax Candy's experienced waxing specialist.

starting my waxing experience with a hygiene wipe

I really do think skilful waxing specialist are hard to find. Some people refuse to do waxing because unskilled staff make them feel nervous and pain by waxing numerous time on the same area. Not to mention about hygiene conduct throughout the whole waxing session. There are irresponsible wax parlour and lazy staff who does double dipping during waxing which is a big no no. Imagine reusing the spatula again and again and repeatingly dip into the wax after apply on customer's skin. I wanna vomit just by hearing those stories. 

From my observation throughout my waxing experience, Wax Candy The Wax Bar takes hygiene and waxing skill very seriously. Mask on gloves on, clean and quality hard wax, no reuse of spatula and definitely no double dipping. 

This wax smells so good!
like gummy bear~

The waxing specialist carefully trimmed those lengthy hairs before applying wax on my skin. The experience was pretty decent and fast because each and every application of wax and peeling off was done quickly to minimize the feeling of discomfort. However my pain tolerance was pretty low, I might as well get Brazilian DPL treatment next time.

I was given some in-house serum to apply on right after the waxing treatment and it immediately soothes my skin. Formulated in Australia, Wax Candy's Gumme Serum and Gumme Scrubs are customer's favourite because aside from skin soothing, they moisturises and brightening skin and the scrub can prevent ingrown hair as well if used often!

ingredients: liquorice root, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera

made of almond oil, hyaluronic acid and tiny particles, this Gumme Scrub exfoliates skin and prevents ingrown hairs!
Perfect for after waxing self care

Here's a tiny confession of mine: one of the main reason I dislike waxing service is because of my sensitive skin issues. I remember my last bikini line waxing at other wax parlour gave me hell, my skin itches day and night until the hair grows out. It was a torturing process. I did not want this to happen to me again. I thought, maybe my skin not suitable for waxing, but Wax Candy proved me wrong. 

It's been almost a week from my waxing service and I don't feel a single itch at all. Sensitive skin might be inconvenient at times but it really does prove that Wax Candy's products are safe and suitable for sensitive skin as well. I'm glad I found a wax bar that cares for all my waxing and hair removal needs!

In case you wanna know, my Martini waxing service is RM79 and first trial DPL treatment for underarm is RM69 (what a steal!). You can bring your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and enjoy the waxing or DPL treatment together because waxing off unwanted hairs really brings convenient in life and lead towards a healthier, hygienic lifestyle! 

For More Information:

Taman Desa Branch:
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact number: +603 7971 9999 / +603 7972 1999

Damansara Uptown Branch:
67M Jln SS21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
contact number: +603 7722 5277

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