Wednesday, January 23, 2019


What makes one fine day for you?

To me, it will be chilling with friends at this quaint little cafe which is not too crowded, with jazzy cafe music playing at the background. Golden yellow rays of sunlight shining in from the window, we were talking, laughing at our silly jokes. 

Or it could be a rainy afternoon, I made a cup of hot chocolate, wearing my cosiest sweat shirt and pants with an interesting book, sitting by the window or balcony, while listening to the sound of the rain, I sip my cup of hot beverage and read.

These are the feelings of what my day a fine one, and exactly how I felt for Schorl's products when I opened up the package I received.

heart-warming handwritten note
they do write personalised message as well!

Founded in 2016 and made locally in Malaysia, products from Schorl are made using carefully selected natural ingredients as well as calm formulation ( no paraben, no SLES, no alcohol, no synthetic fragrances and no artificial colouring) that suits all skin type. They are natural friendly, cruelty free and definitely suits for people like me who is always on-the-go.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I love products that are made by natural ingredients where I know toxic and chemicals aren't going into my system when I use the product. I've become more and more natural-conscious throughout the years and Schorl products kinda fit what I'm looking for in my daily skincare regime.

What's in my package?
Calendula Cleansing Stick
Purslane Hydration Mist Essence
comes with a bottle of Chrysanthemum tea as gift

Aside from being natural and cruelty free, did I tell you they have this innovative cleansing stick that I can bring anywhere I go? Including onto the plane with me? Yays to cleansing my face during long hour flights!

Schorl's Calendula Cleansing Stick

compact and travel-friendly cleanser

This balm-like texture twist-up cleansing stick is made with combination of these natural ingredients:

  • Calendula
  • Canadian Willow Flower Extract
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

The first thing I notice when I open the tube's cap is that smell of lemongrass and tea tree oil reminds me of massages and spa experience that I've been longing for! I really really love the smell of lemongrass, it makes me feel so close to nature and also act as natural bug repellant too! Hence it was love at first SMELL when I twist this cleansing stick up and glide it in circular motion around my dampen skin.

Suitable for all skin type (even sensitive skin!), this Calendula cleansing stick cleans dirt, oil and impurities of my skin, immediately I can see the glow of my skin after rinsing off! It also has calming, anti-inflammatory, removes excessive sebum as well as reduces blemishes effect from all those natural ingredients it contains. 

skin doesn't feel dry or tense after cleansing

And what comes after face cleansing? Yes, you are right! Toner! Schorl has just release this new Purslane Hydration Mist Essence that can also act as toner, as well as use it on skin before/after/quick make-up fix! 

Purslane Hydration Mist Essence

When I look at the bottle I saw the word Purslane and I didn't know what plant is this! It's so new to me that I barely heard any other skincare brand using this plant so out of curiosity, I googled Purslane and found out that it is a edible super plant that has a lot of benefits to human body! Its leaves contains Omega-3 fatty, tons of Vitamin A as well as zinc, calcium, copper and so much more. 

Purslane Hydration Mist Essence contains BHA (Galactosyl Salicylate), Purslane, Allantoin, Oligo Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. These ingredients brings these benefits to skin upon application:

  • Gentle exfoliates
  • Anti-inflammation and anti-irritation
  • soften skin and restore skin to its youthful state
  • hydration and moisturizes
  • soothes sensitive skin

I love to use this Purslane Hydration Mist Essence as the last step of my makeup routine, to set the makeup and make sure they stay throughout the day. I found that my skin feels more supple, hydrated and moisturised for longer hours when I spray this mist around my face. Hence it has become a staple routine to my daily skincare steps, it quenches the thirst of my skin during all these hot Chinese New Year weather.

I think we can all agree that when skin is hydrated, moiturizes, oil-balanced, it really is truly a one fine day, right?

For more information:

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Pantene is always my first choice when it comes to shampoo series and I've lost count how many "family feud" when my dad wanted to buy a cheaper shampoo but I die die want to buy Pantene just because I really see the difference in terms of quality and effectiveness.

I grow up by using Pantene all these years hence I felt my hair is healthy because of the good foundation I built up since young. Shampoo series is the most important regimen when it comes to hair care and it could affect the outlook of hair, texture and also moisture level as well as hair growth. Using the right type of shampoo is what we all should know since young!

Pantene has more than 70 years of history developing shampoo series that suits all type of hair and is continue to do ground breaking research when it comes to hair care products. Being the number one hair care brand, Pantene has did it again by bringing their latest innovation: Pantene Micellar shampoo series which detox, purify and moisturise your hair and scalp. 

Pantene Micellar Series

Blue: Detox & Purify (for normal to oily hair)

Green: Detox & Moisturize (for normal to dry hair)

During the launch of Pantene Micellar shampoo series, I've learn so much about micellar that can purify polluted tap water and make it clean again hence it's doing the same to our hair: detoxifying and purifying the pollutant elements to create a healthy growing environment for our hair.

Not just any ordinary micellar formula, Pantene Micellar series formulated with silicone-free micellar formula, it balances and nourishes scalp and hair without drying them out and yet, at the same time the micellar will cleanse away dirt and impurities, leaving us just healthy and perfectly oil-balanced hair!

Did I tell you that these shampoo series contains Pantene's legendary PRO-V formula too?

These Pantene Micellar shampoo series are available in two sizes (both shampoo and conditioner):

  • 300ml for RM24.90
  • 530ml for TM35.90

For a limited time frame, from 15th January - 18th January 2019, Watsons Online Store offers pre-order sales for Pantene Micellar Shampoo Series (530ml shampoo and conditioner pack) for only RM50 with the Gift-with-Purchase deal! The first 100 Watsons Elite members who purchased are entitled for free hair salon vouchers too! So log on to or Watsons Malaysia Facebook page / Instagram page for more deals information!

If you have greasy, oily hair like I do too, do try out these Pantene Micellar shampoo series as I love the after wash result: clean, refreshing, and doesn't weigh down hair even though it's nourishing! Love my current hair to bits after a few wash from the Pantene Micellar Detox & Purify shampoo series.

Thank you for being such a reliable hair care companion as always Pantene! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I always love a good ol' big breakfast style when it comes to my first meal of the day. A little bit of everything, from salad to toast with butter, cereals with milk, bacons, scramble eggs to one cup of fresh squeeze juice, one cup of coffee and a cup of milk.

As you can see, milk takes up a huge portion of what I drink in the morning (probably that kinda explain my height XD) I love mixing my cereal with milk and I'm totally okay with it if I have to eat it as breakfast for the rest of my life. Milk can strengthen bones, good for teeth and gums, and reduce fatigue, increase mental health as well as work as natural sleep inducer!

I'm a milk lover

So when I received this Milk Peel Cream Mask from Althea Korea, I'm shook! I love everything and anything milk because I truly believe in the benefit of milk has to bring to our healthy being. Hence I'm 100% sold when the product has actual milk ingredients in it, just like this one.

Although it's written as cream mask, the texture changes awhile after application, that's another surprise in for me! From clay texture to foamy whipped cream lather like texture. It feels like it is seriously working its peeling magic around my face! 

From clay texture to self bubbling whipped cream lather 

Super smooth and easy application

The application of this Milk Peel Cream Mask is super easy:
  • Dampen the skin
  • Apply an even layer of Milk Peel Cream Mask
  • Massage till rich lather foam
  • Wait for 30-60 seconds while watching it self bubbling/works it magic
  • Rinse off

The reason I love this exfoliating mask is because it is gentle to my slightly sensitive skin, I can apply this whenever I feel my skin has become dull and immediately I can see it restore a healthy glow and radiant to my skin. Not just that, it's formulated with milk protein extract (casein protein) that moisturise and revitalise skin, and work along with AHA & BHA to remove dead skin cells effectively, leaving my skin smooth and bouncy!

the self bubbling is a lil bit ticklish, like magic pop candy dancing on my face! 

Malaysia's current weather really make me sweat a lot and my skin looks fatigue and dull whenever I went out whole day with make up on, thanks to this Milk Peel Cream Mask that I can use daily without drying up my skin, my skin looks smoother after using this every night this week! Combining this with Althea's 10 second mask as morning mask routine and Milk Peel Cream Mask as night peeling mask routine, I foresee a bright future for my skin! (Make sure your skin aren't too dry and should stop over-peeling when it shows sign of redness ya!)

Add Milk Peel Cream Mask to your night time skin care routine and wake up see your skin glow!

For more information:

Althea Korea Milk Peel Cream Mask

RM36.00 (50ml)


When everyone around me is rushing to build their own career in a reputable company, rushing to meet guys to form a family, I'm taking my own sweet time to enjoy what everyone call "life". It's not that I'm not living under stress each and every day, worry about my unstable financial due to my job (model and blogger/influencer), it is because I know what I want in life, I'm sure of myself and I know I'm working towards my goal, even though slow but it's okay.

I wasn't feeling as comfortable with my own pace or at ease with who I am just merely 3 years ago, I guess maturity played a big part in teaching me lessons of life, telling me to take time and appreciate the goodness in life instead of rushing to become like everybody else. 

I still can remember the days I always feel emotionally unstable, self-doubting, couldn't focus on what I was doing/wanting to do. It was really really bad when people around me was telling me who just got a raise, who changed to a better company, who just got married/pregnant/delivered a baby. I got affected by all these news and I can't even scroll Instagram/Facebook for long because I would compare my so-call-miserable life to other people's highlight.

Some may see time as a cruel thing, but to me, time is like a kind teacher. Time taught me how to be patient, how to be gentle to others especially myself, time also taught me to appreciate the things I own, the people I'm with and appreciate myself more. I became fearless!

After being comfortable of who I am, I starting accept challenges in life, taking path less taken, trying new image and hairstyle almost every month, meet new friends, travel to new countries, try new dishes. I've been constantly trying to discover more sides of me and see how far I can achieve in life at my own pace. 

That's why I felt the familiarity of aura when I attended Olay's Whips moisturiser and Magnemask collection launch few days ago. I love when brand speak to us like a true friend, who ask us to be who we are, need no to worry about the rest because they'll be there for us. Olay made me believe that together, we can achieve anything, including stop skin ageing!

Olay's revolutionary technology

Customized my own magnetic wand to build a strong bond between me and Olay!
I can sense that this will be a fruitful skincare journey for me.

I've yet seen any reviews on the internet regarding Olay Magnemask jar mask collection (not even on Olay's official Instagram!) hence I believe we're among the first to preview these all-new powerful mask that provides up to 12 hours long of hydration and 3 times more infusion when apply with the magnetic wand. Olay Magnemask collection comes in two types: Rejuvenating Jar Mask and Whitening Jar Mask.

Since this Olay Magnemask collection can act as sleeping mask for better result, I decided to try on the mask right on that day when I receive. 

Rejuvenating Jar Mask, just what my skin needed badly

I have very bad habits that affect my skin's condition: I slept late. I slept so late that sometimes the sun comes up and people are heading out to work. I got so much to do and yet I don't really have time to do mask application that requires waiting time of 10-20 minutes then have to wash off again. Olay Magnemask just need 2 minutes for application and there goes an all night long of hydration and nourishment to skin!

powerful but light-weight

Olay Magnemask collection has this breakthrough technology that they modified the molecule of Vitamin B3 and Penta-Peptides for our skin's better absorption. The texture is gel-like and upon contact with skin, it turns into water-like form that's just right for the magnetic wand to glide on.

This has quickly become my favourite night time skin care routine because I love the feeling of the magnetic wand gliding on my face, giving it a lil bit of massage to my dull and tired skin after all day long and also infusing all the benefits from Olay Magnemask Rejuvenating Jar Mask ingredients all the way into 10 layers of my skin. Even though I slept late, I find that my skin glows (what sorcery is this???!!!) and the skin tones are even comparing to my previous skincare regime. 

I've heard that with this night time routine, skin barrier to block off environment factor oppressor of skin ageing will form stronger and stronger and I hope to see a more radiant looking me 4 weeks from now on! 

Aside from Olay Magnemask Collection, Olay has another achieve another huge success in the US for being the top selling face moisturiser in just 6 months with their new Olay Whips moisturiser that has light as air finishing upon application. 

Available in 3 types:
White Radiance
Total Effects

These 3 jars of skincare has quickly become top skin cream in US and everybody is asking about it, hoping to know when they will start selling in Malaysia. We get to try these first hand at the launch as well and gosh, it was so light, that I can barely feel nothing after application, and the wrinkles on my hand has lighten comparing to the one that has nothing on it. The Malay lady sitting beside me has even more obvious effect that her skin tone is brighter when in compare. That's truly amazing!


For all these while Olay's research scientist has been looking for ways to lighten the weight and texture of cream applied on skin yet doesn't compromises on the result, in hope that their research result will make women feel better all day long. They discovered Active Rush technology and use this to formulate Olay Whips moisturiser series, which the molecules hold 1000x its weight in hydration and active ingredients, once contact with skin, it transform into liquid and flash absorbing into skin.

Become scientist assistant for the day lololol
 Witnessed the power of Active Rush Technology upclose and personal, impressive!

With smooth and matte finish, Olay Whips provides youth-restoring benefits to skin as well as targeting skin concern such as smoothness & firmness, tone perfection or overall nourishment. Finally a lightweight skin moisturiser that works without greasy finishing!

with Bowie

These Olay products are now available to in all Watsons Store nationwide. Normal pricing of Olay Magnemask collection will be RM139 and Olay Whips series will be RM109. Watsons members can enjoy less than 10% discount until 20th February 2019. Do visit for more information.

Can't wait to become a better me this year with Olay. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to all of you! It's been awhile since I last updated my blog because there are so many events and parties happening for the past few weeks I barely have time to touch my computer or sleep on my own bed lololol. So there's gonna be a series of backlog posts coming up so do bear with me! 

First post of the year dedicated to Butterfly Project Malaysia, a blogging community that I'm with since years ago and I am so happy to be the one witnessing the growth of this young community to now 6k members on Facebook! Each and every event I went under Butterfly Project Malaysia never fail to amaze me as our mamasan Tammy really put in all the effort to make sure we enjoy the event/party and always give 200% to people who ask for her guidance. 

Mamasan Tammy turn into Santa's elf! Super cute!

Butterfly Project Malaysia's 2018 Christmas Party was held at ChubbeeCloud gift experience store & cafe which is located at Damansara Uptown, it's just a few minutes walk from Uptown Parking building, so needless to worry about parking space. Aside, ChubbeeCloud has some interesting instagrammable spots which you and your friends will enjoy!

Neon light and bath tub photos? Checked!

UFO catcher machine? Checked!
Got lucky after third try!

So this round, Butterfly Malaysia has partnered with Althea Korea to shower us with all the tender, love and care, each of us bring back a HUGE Christmas box specially curated by Althea Korea as our Christmas gift! Most of the products in this Christmas gift box are what I've received as an Althea Angel, hence I gave away some as Christmas gifts to my friends so they can enjoy Althea's products which I've been sharing about! 

Thank you so much, Althea Korea

And lucky us, we all get to see the Althea Exclusives products during this Christmas party and all that are now available on Althea Korea's platform! I've tried on the concealer and I love the texture as well as colour tone! Can't wait to get them for myself soon (SHOPPING TIME!).

And we get to suggest what upcoming Althea Exclusives products we wanted to see from the platform. Zihang suggested eyeshadow palette (ooh la la girls will never get bored playing with eyeshadows) and I suggested hair serum. Now we know where our priorities at hahahaha. 

Dear Santa Althea, I've been a good girl this year, thanks for showering me so many Althea products!

I guess what's best about this Christmas party is I get to spend time with Zihang, who is a mummy blogger that shares about her skincare routine and makeup products. I super love to read all her posts, she put in so much effort in blogging even though she's a mummy of one cute lil boy. She blogs in Chinese so do follow her if you like to read about reviews of skincare and makeup products.

Both of us are missing Jean right now, who always attend event with us but now no more because she moved to Japan T-T

We took gazillions of photos that day because it's rare for us to attend an event together and that we're both styled up nicely. I even went to dye my hair that morning before the event at FIXX salon! Thank you so much to Kok Wai, my hairstylist for the magical hair colour and hairstyle that suits this theme party! Everybody is literally shook with my hair colour and I forgot how many compliments I got due to my hair colour! Thank you!

I'm like the living unicorn~ Thank you FIXX!

Since we're having a great time together, of course we helped each other snapped tons of photos and selfie as well:

slot in a photo of me and Eros. I super love this sweetie, the photos he took is like professional level! Each and every post got theme and style one! Do follow his blog and IG to get inspired:

This party even have a printout photo booth that allows you to add stickers on your photo! So cute~
This Photo Booth is sponsored by Tagbooth

AND DID YOU SAW THE DESSERT CART IN MY PHOTOS JUST ABOVE? The dessert cart was so pretty it literally was the highlight of this whole party, everybody taking photos nonstop with the dessert cart including me, trying to nail the shot where both dessert cart and myself look cute! This dessert cart was made by AskJoey and I was like: how does one make all these cute lil desserts, so dreamy and magical???!!!!

I've been looking back at this series of photos again and again, amazed by the skill of dessert making as well as dessert table styling. AskJoey's skill is super duper pro, it makes me feel like I wanna throw a party with super magical dessert table styling like above this year!!! I shall see if my budget allows me to do a birthday party lolololol.

Of course, a party isn't a real party when there's no food. All bloggers who attended the Christmas party get to ordered a set of meal which includes one bottle of tea, one cup of signature beverages and  2 sets of sandwiches which including the boba sandwich! 

I don't mind a Christmas meal like this!

Super cute mermaid drinks ordered by Zihang

This is mine: cat enjoying onsen bath kinda hot chocolate drink
So cute I cannot!

After trying the boba sandwiches, I actually kinda like it because of the boba's chewy texture but I prefer the kimchi sandwich more because I'm a savoury food lover. So if you love boba and don't mind sweet toast, you will definitely love this boba sandwich from ChubbeeCloud!

Last but not least, a personalised gift from ChubbeeCloud
It's a marshmallow with my photo on it!

What a wonderful Christmas party we've had, and I've known a few new, young bloggers who are currently working hard in blogging as well. They kinda reminds me of who I was many years back and community like this do help each other to grow. Thank you so much Butterfly Project Malaysia, Althea Korea, ChubbeeCloud, AskJoey, Tagbooth  for organizing, hosting and sponsoring such a sweet party to all of us which we enjoyed very much.

Looking forward to see the community grow more in 2019!