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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to all of you! It's been awhile since I last updated my blog because there are so many events and parties happening for the past few weeks I barely have time to touch my computer or sleep on my own bed lololol. So there's gonna be a series of backlog posts coming up so do bear with me! 

First post of the year dedicated to Butterfly Project Malaysia, a blogging community that I'm with since years ago and I am so happy to be the one witnessing the growth of this young community to now 6k members on Facebook! Each and every event I went under Butterfly Project Malaysia never fail to amaze me as our mamasan Tammy really put in all the effort to make sure we enjoy the event/party and always give 200% to people who ask for her guidance. 

Mamasan Tammy turn into Santa's elf! Super cute!

Butterfly Project Malaysia's 2018 Christmas Party was held at ChubbeeCloud gift experience store & cafe which is located at Damansara Uptown, it's just a few minutes walk from Uptown Parking building, so needless to worry about parking space. Aside, ChubbeeCloud has some interesting instagrammable spots which you and your friends will enjoy!

Neon light and bath tub photos? Checked!

UFO catcher machine? Checked!
Got lucky after third try!

So this round, Butterfly Malaysia has partnered with Althea Korea to shower us with all the tender, love and care, each of us bring back a HUGE Christmas box specially curated by Althea Korea as our Christmas gift! Most of the products in this Christmas gift box are what I've received as an Althea Angel, hence I gave away some as Christmas gifts to my friends so they can enjoy Althea's products which I've been sharing about! 

Thank you so much, Althea Korea

And lucky us, we all get to see the Althea Exclusives products during this Christmas party and all that are now available on Althea Korea's platform! I've tried on the concealer and I love the texture as well as colour tone! Can't wait to get them for myself soon (SHOPPING TIME!).

And we get to suggest what upcoming Althea Exclusives products we wanted to see from the platform. Zihang suggested eyeshadow palette (ooh la la girls will never get bored playing with eyeshadows) and I suggested hair serum. Now we know where our priorities at hahahaha. 

Dear Santa Althea, I've been a good girl this year, thanks for showering me so many Althea products!

I guess what's best about this Christmas party is I get to spend time with Zihang, who is a mummy blogger that shares about her skincare routine and makeup products. I super love to read all her posts, she put in so much effort in blogging even though she's a mummy of one cute lil boy. She blogs in Chinese so do follow her if you like to read about reviews of skincare and makeup products.

Both of us are missing Jean right now, who always attend event with us but now no more because she moved to Japan T-T

We took gazillions of photos that day because it's rare for us to attend an event together and that we're both styled up nicely. I even went to dye my hair that morning before the event at FIXX salon! Thank you so much to Kok Wai, my hairstylist for the magical hair colour and hairstyle that suits this theme party! Everybody is literally shook with my hair colour and I forgot how many compliments I got due to my hair colour! Thank you!

I'm like the living unicorn~ Thank you FIXX!

Since we're having a great time together, of course we helped each other snapped tons of photos and selfie as well:

slot in a photo of me and Eros. I super love this sweetie, the photos he took is like professional level! Each and every post got theme and style one! Do follow his blog and IG to get inspired:

This party even have a printout photo booth that allows you to add stickers on your photo! So cute~
This Photo Booth is sponsored by Tagbooth

AND DID YOU SAW THE DESSERT CART IN MY PHOTOS JUST ABOVE? The dessert cart was so pretty it literally was the highlight of this whole party, everybody taking photos nonstop with the dessert cart including me, trying to nail the shot where both dessert cart and myself look cute! This dessert cart was made by AskJoey and I was like: how does one make all these cute lil desserts, so dreamy and magical???!!!!

I've been looking back at this series of photos again and again, amazed by the skill of dessert making as well as dessert table styling. AskJoey's skill is super duper pro, it makes me feel like I wanna throw a party with super magical dessert table styling like above this year!!! I shall see if my budget allows me to do a birthday party lolololol.

Of course, a party isn't a real party when there's no food. All bloggers who attended the Christmas party get to ordered a set of meal which includes one bottle of tea, one cup of signature beverages and  2 sets of sandwiches which including the boba sandwich! 

I don't mind a Christmas meal like this!

Super cute mermaid drinks ordered by Zihang

This is mine: cat enjoying onsen bath kinda hot chocolate drink
So cute I cannot!

After trying the boba sandwiches, I actually kinda like it because of the boba's chewy texture but I prefer the kimchi sandwich more because I'm a savoury food lover. So if you love boba and don't mind sweet toast, you will definitely love this boba sandwich from ChubbeeCloud!

Last but not least, a personalised gift from ChubbeeCloud
It's a marshmallow with my photo on it!

What a wonderful Christmas party we've had, and I've known a few new, young bloggers who are currently working hard in blogging as well. They kinda reminds me of who I was many years back and community like this do help each other to grow. Thank you so much Butterfly Project Malaysia, Althea Korea, ChubbeeCloud, AskJoey, Tagbooth  for organizing, hosting and sponsoring such a sweet party to all of us which we enjoyed very much.

Looking forward to see the community grow more in 2019!

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