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What makes one fine day for you?

To me, it will be chilling with friends at this quaint little cafe which is not too crowded, with jazzy cafe music playing at the background. Golden yellow rays of sunlight shining in from the window, we were talking, laughing at our silly jokes. 

Or it could be a rainy afternoon, I made a cup of hot chocolate, wearing my cosiest sweat shirt and pants with an interesting book, sitting by the window or balcony, while listening to the sound of the rain, I sip my cup of hot beverage and read.

These are the feelings of what my day a fine one, and exactly how I felt for Schorl's products when I opened up the package I received.

heart-warming handwritten note
they do write personalised message as well!

Founded in 2016 and made locally in Malaysia, products from Schorl are made using carefully selected natural ingredients as well as calm formulation ( no paraben, no SLES, no alcohol, no synthetic fragrances and no artificial colouring) that suits all skin type. They are natural friendly, cruelty free and definitely suits for people like me who is always on-the-go.

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I love products that are made by natural ingredients where I know toxic and chemicals aren't going into my system when I use the product. I've become more and more natural-conscious throughout the years and Schorl products kinda fit what I'm looking for in my daily skincare regime.

What's in my package?
Calendula Cleansing Stick
Purslane Hydration Mist Essence
comes with a bottle of Chrysanthemum tea as gift

Aside from being natural and cruelty free, did I tell you they have this innovative cleansing stick that I can bring anywhere I go? Including onto the plane with me? Yays to cleansing my face during long hour flights!

Schorl's Calendula Cleansing Stick

compact and travel-friendly cleanser

This balm-like texture twist-up cleansing stick is made with combination of these natural ingredients:

  • Calendula
  • Canadian Willow Flower Extract
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

The first thing I notice when I open the tube's cap is that smell of lemongrass and tea tree oil reminds me of massages and spa experience that I've been longing for! I really really love the smell of lemongrass, it makes me feel so close to nature and also act as natural bug repellant too! Hence it was love at first SMELL when I twist this cleansing stick up and glide it in circular motion around my dampen skin.

Suitable for all skin type (even sensitive skin!), this Calendula cleansing stick cleans dirt, oil and impurities of my skin, immediately I can see the glow of my skin after rinsing off! It also has calming, anti-inflammatory, removes excessive sebum as well as reduces blemishes effect from all those natural ingredients it contains. 

skin doesn't feel dry or tense after cleansing

And what comes after face cleansing? Yes, you are right! Toner! Schorl has just release this new Purslane Hydration Mist Essence that can also act as toner, as well as use it on skin before/after/quick make-up fix! 

Purslane Hydration Mist Essence

When I look at the bottle I saw the word Purslane and I didn't know what plant is this! It's so new to me that I barely heard any other skincare brand using this plant so out of curiosity, I googled Purslane and found out that it is a edible super plant that has a lot of benefits to human body! Its leaves contains Omega-3 fatty, tons of Vitamin A as well as zinc, calcium, copper and so much more. 

Purslane Hydration Mist Essence contains BHA (Galactosyl Salicylate), Purslane, Allantoin, Oligo Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. These ingredients brings these benefits to skin upon application:

  • Gentle exfoliates
  • Anti-inflammation and anti-irritation
  • soften skin and restore skin to its youthful state
  • hydration and moisturizes
  • soothes sensitive skin

I love to use this Purslane Hydration Mist Essence as the last step of my makeup routine, to set the makeup and make sure they stay throughout the day. I found that my skin feels more supple, hydrated and moisturised for longer hours when I spray this mist around my face. Hence it has become a staple routine to my daily skincare steps, it quenches the thirst of my skin during all these hot Chinese New Year weather.

I think we can all agree that when skin is hydrated, moiturizes, oil-balanced, it really is truly a one fine day, right?

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