Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Aside from Japan, my second dream country will always be the romance of Europe - Paris, France. I love the vibes of the people who are living there, savouring life to bits and women taking good care of themselves. There are many good French women aged gracefully and I wanted to be just like them!

The landing of Huygens in Malaysia beauty industry is the answer of taking care myself gracefully like a French woman. A project of organic and bespoke home, bath and beauty products sparks the birth of Huygens in year 2012 and has since used by big names of French like style icon Inès de la Fressange and specially curated candle for Presidency of the Republic France.

During the launch of Huygens, we are honoured to have the brand's founder - Monsieur Sébastien right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur to give us extra insights of this rather-new brand in Malaysian beauty market. 

Being meticulously committed in selecting the finest ingredients to include in all Huygens products, they have certificate to certified their products are organic and respect the people and planet earth in strict criteria. 

Needless to say, Huygens products are 100% against animal testing (cruelty free) and clean without parabens, mineral oils, silicones, artificial colours and chemicals that could harm our skin and body. When you receive products that are produced with care and respect to the environment, you can feel the energy from the products itself, words aren't needed to further elaborate how good they will be to your well-being. 

One of brand's unique selling point is create your very own products with your favourite scent - BESPOKE method. We often seen bespoke in perfumes and makeup but I really love the concept of Huygens' bespoke body and beauty products that this innovative concept can spur up to 192 different types of combination using just 12 neutral base products as beginning.

In other words, start choosing your body, bath and hair collection from 12 neutral base products (body wash, hand wash, scrub etc), then add in preferred essential oils. There 15 natural essential oils available to choose from with fancy French name such as Mélange du matin that will definitely help me start my day with joy and so on. 

After choosing both base products and essential oils, here's comes the professionals of Huygens that will create your customized products in strict and hygienic manner using scientific tools such as pipette. Monsieur Sébastien did a short demo of how the bespoke products are created and one of the lucky guest walkaway with product of her choice!

Aside from bespoke beauty collection, I'm actually eyeing from Huygens are these:

The perfume collections

And I really, really, really love the scent of this beauty!

These unique creations from Huygens are created by the best French noses and they are all organic flower water without any colorants nor harmful UV filters. I love how "pure" the smell of their fragrances are that immediately transform me to those famous jardin of Paris. I'm not fond of rosy note perfumes all these years but I'm pretty sure Les Roses is in my perfume wishlist!

Huygens currently offering 2 citrus colognes and 3 eau de parfums, 

By working with France local suppliers and create their cosmetics locally at France, Huygens has actually limit their CO2 emissions and only packaging, shopping bags and gift boxes are made from recycled paper, cardboard and all are recyclable or biodegradable.

I am more than happy that Malaysians have the option of choosing made-in-France bespoke products that cares for not only our body and mind, but also the human that are producing our products as well as the planet we're living in. 

Do try Huygens stores for an unique in-store experience where you get to sample beauty products that are 100% clean and natural!

Huygens stores are located at:

  • Robinsons, The Garden Mall
  • Robinsons Kuala Lumpur Shoppes Four Season Place
  • Parkson 1 Utama
For hassle free shopping, you can also go to Huygens Malaysia's e-shop at www.huygens.my. I just did my online shopping yesterday and I'm waiting for my parcel to reach! They're having this facial duo in such a great price I can't wait to try them out!

Maybe a girls trip to Huygen's headquarter at Le Marais, Paris?
I really wanted to see the 17th century built vintage shop with my own eyes!

For more info, do visit:


Huygens Malaysia Official Instagram

Huygens Malaysia Official Facebook Page

*Huygens Bespoke Body, Bath and Hair Collection ranges from RM165 - 308.
*Perfumes are priced from RM499 - RM575


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