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*trying hard to look cool with my title lololol*

Sorry for the "showing off" tone on my title but I really meant it with the term  "shiny Merc"! All thanks to Ceramic Pro who brings life to my car after a year driving it without those protection coatings. 

2 years ago, when Fei (my bf) purchased his new car, he did some research on car coatings and window tinting services available in Malaysia and came across Ceramic Pro Malaysia which by then located at Glenmarie area. We traveled all the way from Batu Caves to Subang just because there are a lot tons of positive reviews from other car owners. It was a pleasant experience back then and we're pretty much satisfied with the products and services for the money we paid. 

2 years later, Ceramic Pro has opened up a new branch in Setia Alam and I decided to send my another car to do the coating because I'm sick and tired of having to clean my car often due to Malaysian weather  (right after you wash your car it decided to rain so more dust stick on the car, anyone get me and my pain??? lol). Fei's car still looking new and shiny after two years hence I made up my mind to send my car to Ceramic Pro.

So what's Ceramic Pro and why Ceramic Pro?

Technically speaking, Ceramic Pro is a type of clear, ceramic coating that can be applied in multiple layers that can be transformed into permanent durable but flexible ceramic shield after polymerization (chemical reaction). It has self cleaning properties as well as 3 times more hardness compare to car body alone.

This nanoceramic company established its name since year 2010 and till today, they have more than 5000 installers worldwide and are available in more than 70 countries worldwide. All products within the Ceramic Pro range has proven non-toxic and has been extensively tested by SGS.

Of course, best part of this coating to me is the self cleaning effect! I love how easy to clean Fei's car after he did the coating. Literally any type of common stain ( I don't know bout marker pen or crayon stains from kids tho, you might want to check with Ceramic Pro) you might encounter during your drive - mud, dust, bird shit etc... Just rinse them with water and wipe them away! As easy as that!

And also, your car will always look brand new too due to the coating. Even if it doesn't shine bright anymore, they have 5-10 years of warranty depends on the package you choose from so you can always bring your car back to their service centre to do the coating maintenance again. The whole process will took about 8 hours so make sure you block your day when send your car to Ceramic Pro for the coating service (or maybe give yourself a break, just chill at their lounge area or take grab to nearest Setia Alam Mall for a movie!).

car coating bay area

I'm the first customer to arrive on that day and I left my car there and head to one of the cafe that's located just few minutes grab drive away. I took the GOLD PACKAGE which consist 6 layers of nano ceramic coating as well as 7 years warranty. The person in charge of Ceramic Pro Setia Alam branch - Lucas is so helpful and kind that he updates me each and every step of the process that's been done onto my car when I was away. It's by then only I realise my car's body have so many stone chips and scratches.

These are the process Ceramic Pro Malaysia does their coating on your car:






And voilà! Car will be as good as new! I can't believe my eyes after I saw the differences between before and after photos that Ceramic Pro sent to me. The 1 year old car has transform into a brand new car after one day of coating process. It's kinda amazing if you ask me.

Those minor scratches are gone after the coating process, like a magic touch from photoshop except it is done by professional well-trained staff who are very good at what they're doing. They take their job seriously and make sure each and every surface of my car are well polished and covered in coatings.  I'm seriously impressed by their serious working attitude when I was back from lunch and saw my car still undergo coating process. 

Paint correction process

Ceramic Pro Coating application

Not just car body, even the smaller parts like headlights and inner surface of door handle are protected using Magnus Pro's Paint Protection Film to avoid scratches on those areas. For my package, basically everything from exterior to interior is coated with Ceramic Pro except for my engines. It really does make my car washing task become easier as I just need to clean my car with normal soap and no waxing required at all!

Magnus Pro Paint Protection Film applied onto headlights and door handle area

If you are very much afraid of hassles like me but at the same time enjoy a clean-looking car for most of the day, I really do highly recommend Ceramic Pro Malaysia and their services. Not just their products last long and also deliver maximum results, the professional and friendly staff do gives me good impression and made me enjoyed their services. This is why I choose to protect my car with Ceramic Pro, and it's already my second engagement with them!

Do headover to Ceramic Pro Malaysia's Official Website to checkout their packages as well as detail explanation of the nano ceramic coatings and the benefits they do to protect my car while I'm gonna drive my shiny Merc all around showing off its bling!

For more information:




Business hours: 9:30a.m. - 6:30p.m.

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