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When it comes to aesthetic, honestly, I don't know but can't stop having a mixed feeling about it. I don't have much knowledge about aesthetic procedures before my previous laser treatment and I'm extremely low tolerant to pain, but my recent visit to LACO Aesthetic Clinic has changed my perspectives on aesthetic and beauty treatment procedures.

So the common perception of aesthetic procedures (or known as cosmetic surgery), majority will have the wrong impression of pain, unprofessional suggestion, surgery gone wrong and irresponsible beautician. All these can come to an end if you consult and had procedures done at proper, licensed clinic like LACO!

Located at major townships like Kepong and Puchong, I went to the branch at Kepong and was amazed by my lack of consciousness which LACO stood tall and is just one junction away from the main road Jln Kepong! (Seeing that I always dine around Kepong area but I never realise LACO was so near to me all along!)

Greeted by friendly and pretty (everyone who works in this clinic looks amazingly pretty!) staff of LACO, tea was served and I was waiting for my turn to see the doctor at this cozy waiting corner:

It didn't took long for the doctor's assistant to greet me at the waiting area. I was prep with all the info that I should know about the procedure that I'm opting for that day: Derma Shine. It's a beauty treatment that uses Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma (A-PRP) & Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that helps your skin regenerate and fight signs of ageing, unwanted wrinkles, tear throughs and scars. 

And since I'm low in pain tolerance, my main concern of this treatment was: Will it be painful? And how long the effect of this treatment will last? The doctor's assistant patiently comfort me with her professionalism and also teach me the right concept about beauty treatment. I will share more about this later on. 

So if you're like me: modern woman with super hectic work schedule and can only visit aesthetic clinic with your daily makeup on after working hours, fret not because before each and every treatment, aesthetician will help to clean your skin thoroughly and it's like a relaxing facial session! I think I calmed down a lot during this facial cleaning stage and it preps me emotionally for the next stage!

While I was enjoying my "facial session", doctor assistant already started the procedure of Derma Shine and withdrew a small amount of blood from my arm. This blood taking process have to strictly conduct under a hygienic environment and with sterile tools only, hence it is a must to visit a proper aesthetic clinic like LACO! (felt like I didn't stress much enough about the importance of a legit aesthetic clinic!)

I wasn't afraid at all during the blood taking process because I'm the weird kid of stare at the whole process when I was a kid. As if it was not enough, I went to see the blood taking process of my classmate as well. The whole process was a breeze and it kinda amazed me my blood spilled out in s  gush! If you're afraid of blood, you might wanna skip the next clip lol.

Why blood taking you ask? It's because the treatment procedure requires the Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma from our own blood, mix it with non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid and apply the mixture into our skin. Basically the side effects is very low and limited since the blood platelet comes from within our body hence this treatment didn't cause me any side effects nor discomfort. Did I mention it's zero downtime as well? You can go anywhere and eat anything without any concern right after the treatment!

Each and every clinic will have different application method of the mixed A-PRP & HA, LACO is using the BellaVita injector that each and every injection can be measured and adjust. With its patented needles, hence my skin was applied with aesthetic all over to avoid any discomfort caused to me while the Derma Shine procedure is on going. 

The staffs and doctor's assistant were very kind and gentle they keep ensuring me that it's gonna be a painless procedure and they really make sure that my face feel very very numb before they start the injection procedure. I'm felt so thankful to have met people who fulfilled my needs and assured me over and over again when they notice my insecurities. I guess this is what makes a service stands out from the rest - assurance, understanding, kind and gentle.

After waited for an hour and the anesthetic really numbed my face, the separation of my blood components by centrifugation also completed at the same time. 

A-PRP and HA mix, the activation of my skin's regeneration

Last round of sterilisation and we're ready to go!

Honestly, I was super nervous until the first punch was done and then I was like: wow! Totally no feeling at all! I think the numb cream really works! If I were to give this sensation a scale from 0 to 10, giving birth will be 10, laser treatment is somewhat from 7 to 8 and I would say this Derma Shine treatment scaled from 0 - 2 depends on certain area of facial feature. 

My appointed doctor helps me target more on my acne scars area and injected quite a few times on the same spot. The reason of faster skin cells regeneration of Derma Shine treatment is because of the combining hydrating effect of HA with my own concentrated platelets.

The deeper layers these mixture goes, the more it stimulates growth and activate the process of skin regeneration. My doctor focus a lot on my concerned areas such as cheeks due to my acne scars and during the process, she gave me a mirror and I can see the immediate glow from skin after she injected the A-PRP+HA mix!

 already can see my skin is glowing 

Almost there!

I was told that some aesthetician they use needle to inject these into patient's skin, and I only can imagine how uneven it's gonna be. With the injector that LACO clinic uses, it minimises the loss of my precious concentrated platelets as well as the expensive Hyaluronic Acid. Doctor can expect measurable, detailed result as well hence it's for the benefit of both doctor and patients. 

Last but not least....

doctor squeeze the A-PRP+HA mix till the last drop! Maximise the usage!

Here's the comparison photos of before - during - after, be amazed and blinded by the glow of my skin!

Before - after the application of numb cream

During - image taken right after the injection

After - Can you see the glow from within my skin! 

Seriously, the immediate differences I saw in these 3 photos amazes me! This is the stunning result of Derma Shine treatment: it strengthens facial ligaments and increased the hydration and luminosity of skin appearance as well as boost natural skin regeneration.

One treatment like mine can last for 3 months and its effectiveness can be prolong if you're doing Derma Shine treatment for long term because it improves skin's appearance and skin's regeneration. Without concern of side effects, this is one treatment I'll recommend to my friends and family.

After the injection was finished and clean up a bit, LACO strengthens the Derma Shine's effectiveness with some light therapy. It is proven to heal skin and improves skin condition with the power of light as each light wave will target certain skin conditions and heals them.

Green light - to soothes and calm skin's condition, very much needed after the treatment

Red light - improves blood circulation and help skin cells regenerates in a faster pace

It was a breezy procedure: eyes well-covered and you can literally become a sleeping beauty during this light therapy. This is the first time I learnt about light therapy and know the effects of different lighting targets different skin conditions. Guess we get to learn new things everyday huh!

Last but not least, my "facial session" came to a full circle when they apply Vitamin U soothing mask on my skin. I love its cooling effect and it really calms my skin and the redness due to Derma Shine treatment immediately reduced!

I think I dozed off and had a short beauty sleep during this mask session, waking up to a smoother, luminous skin that my face felt like a light bulb! No exaggeration at all, my friends whom I met up for dinner right after the treatment say that my face glows! 

This is the Vitamin U essence soothing mask and thanks LACO for this gift!

Here's some closer look of my skin condition after the Derma Shine treatment:

It's been a week since the treatment and I love how my skin looks and feel! My facial feature looks brighter and hydrated! Thank you LACO Aesthetic Clinic for delivering such professional skill and I never more happier looking at mirror these days!

From September 23rd to October 22nd, LACO Aesthetic Clinic is doing a promotion for their Derma Shine treatment where you can get this treatment done at just RM298-RM399 (Usually it's RM1200!!!) and do quote my name REIKO for a FREE OMEGA LIGHT treatment (np RM480). They're using all materials from Korea and LACO is a proper licensed Aesthetic Clinic with professional doctors that caters to all your aesthetic and beauty treatment needs!

This price made me wanna schedule my next appointment with LACO already!!!! Don't miss this offer ya~

Thanks for making me look beautiful, LACO!

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