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When it comes to soy milk, I guess most of the milk drinker hasn't try any soy milk before or have narrow perception towards soy milk. Even soy milk drinkers face the difficulties of getting soy milk at grocery stores because we don't have lots of options in the current market and it's kinda sad to be honest.

I gotta be honest, I'm the former type of consumer. As one of the luckier ones that has no lactose intolerance issue, I always choose milk before soy. I have ZERO knowledge about soy milk and even though I never try them before, I always have the misconception of soy milk will either taste weird or bland. In my imagination, there is absolutely nothing interesting about soy milk. That's not true.

Being invited to NH SOY exclusive launch by Watson is seriously a LIFE CHANGING experience. When I say life changing, I mean every word I said (or typed in this case). Who knew soy milk could taste so delicious and milky as well as addictive like a cup of yummilicious bubble milk tea that at the same time, provide wholesome goodness to my body and health!

Thanks to this opportunity, I get to try my very first cup of NH SOY drink and am now hooked on this wholesome goodness beverage. A cup of soy milk contains tons of protein that our body needs to build and repair body tissues as well as a type of essential nutrient for both kids and adult. Free from cholesterol and lactose, taking in 25g of soy protein can help lower body cholesterol, increase body's dietary fibre intake without worrying anything about saturated fat.

When more and more consumers are jumping on the bandwagon of healthier protein source intake, I too wish to increase my health in overall when it comes to food and beverages as well as the health of my family member. NH SOY uses ONLY Ecocert organic certified peeled soybeans combined with organic Chia seeds, Basil seeds and purple sweet potato then created two special soy drinks that this market needs badly: NH SOY Seeds and NH SOY Purple.

As an healthier daily beverage option, these benefits can be found in both NH SOY Seeds and NH SOY Purple drinks:
  • rich in Omega Fatty 3 Acids
  • High in minerals and fibre
  • Great source of Vitamin B and C
  • High antioxidants
  • NO artificial flavorings, colourings and preservatives

These goodness aside, NH SOY drinks can be prepares in less than 1 minute! Simply pour THREE scoops of NH SOY powder into room temperature/cold water (strictly no hot water as it will destroy the nutrient of protein itself), shake it and voila! Simpler than ABC or any fuss of preparing yourself a breakfast meal! Totally suits someone who is always on the go and lazy busy as me lolololol. 

Aside from drinking NH SOY drinks just like that, you can level up your soy drink game and make some NH SOY desserts such as ice blended soy drink or soy yogurt! There are live demo on stage during the event of how to prepare simple desserts that satisfy both cravings and nutrients to body using NH SOY drink series. I feel like I can make those too!

Other desserts you can make with NH Soy powder!

When I first took a sip of NH SOY Seeds I was like: what sorcery is in this cup of beverage??? What did I just drink that is so delicious and to my heart's content! I can never stress enough how delicious the drink is that I drank a few cups of NH SOY Seeds and NH SOY Purple right at the event itself! 

As mentioned earlier, NH SOY Seeds has Chia seeds and Basil seeds in it, making the drink itself crunchier than your usual soy milk. It's really like drinking a cup of bubble milk tea, except it is wayyyyyyyyyyy more healthier than that. And the beautiful pastel purple coloured NH SOY Purple that got its colour naturally from purple sweet potato tasted more subtle and smooth, provides nutrient for everyone all day long!

NH SOY drinks are suitable for anyone even breastfeeding mothers and suitable to consumer any time of the day (sounds like I just found the perfect beverage of my life as I always craving for supper). Drink it daily to get daily dose of proteins, nourishment that improves digestive system as well as healthier condition of heart, eyes, bones and muscles!

Get these nutrient-packed NH SOY Seeds and NH SOY Purple exclusively at Watson near you or all hail internet, you can get them deliver to your doorsteps (FREE DELIVERY for purchase over RM100) with just a few clicks on Watson Online Store and mobile app.

I just finished my supply of NH SOY drinks and I'm gonna order more now! Hope you're amazed by these delicious beverages and enjoying them everyday as much as I do!

For more information:

NH SOY Seeds
Soybeans + Chia Seeds 800g
RM61.80 (Watsons member: RM59.80)

NH SOY Purple
Soy Purple Sweet Potato 800g
RM61.80 (Watsons member: RM59.80)

*NH Soy is EXCLUSIVELY on sale at Watsons stores and online store only.

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