Tuesday, February 4, 2020


How's 2020 been treating you so far? I hope you who are reading this have a great start! Can't believe I've been hiatus from my blog since November 2019, there are just so many things in hand I had to juggle with and I wish I have extra time to blog about all the things I wanted to! (You have no idea how many blogging ideas run through my mind all the time!)

Anyway I'm here, with my latest favourite skincare from Murad - Prebiotic 3 in 1 Multi Mist.

This face mist is EVERYTHING! And I meant every word that I typed in this blog post because I have never use any face mist that sprays mist in such delicate ways that it covers all of my face, I can feel my skin being hydrated immediately.

Comes in a sturdy yet convenient packaging, I brought this face mist with me almost everywhere so that I can refresh and re-hydrates my skin anytime anywhere. This peptide-rich, hydrating mist replenish my skin's microbiome and balance the prebiotic of my skin, my skin literally glows after it takes in the nutrients of this face mist.

stylish and slim packaging, I can easily fit this in my toiletries bag or my handbag

Cap is sturdy hence no fear of leakage too 

super fine nozel that sprays fine mist onto face without feeling the harsh "invasion" of face mist lololol (you get me right?)

such gentle and fine mist sprayed onto face, I'm in love with the feeling of it!

I've brought this Prebiotic 3-in-1 Multi Mist with me during my latest travel to Japan and I have to say it made me fall in love with this face mist even more because it helps my skin combats with the harsh winter weather. 

Usually winter dries out skin fast and with the change of temperature indoor and outdoor, our skin tends to lose moisture even faster than typical tropical weather in Malaysia. Hence it's important to keep skin hydrated all the time so that our skin stays smooth and wrinkles doesn't appear. 

This multi mist is a solution for: 
  • Dehydration
  • Dullness
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Priming and setting makeup 

What makes this face mist stand out from others is its ingredients that contains prebiotic hydrating sugars that promotes the growth of good bacterias on skin that serves as health barrier as well, lock in my skin's nature moisture level with yeast peptide and also forms a breathable "second skin layer" with its Bipolymer complex that makes my makeup stay longer than usual.

Photo taken at Wakayama, Japan
Didn't had enough sleep due to red eye flight and yet my skin glows!  

I spray Multi Mist to prep my skin for makeup because not just my makeup stay for the day, it also helps lock in hydration of my skin as well as puts glow on my skin be it my skin is facing winter weather with temperature as low as 4 degrees celsius. Whenever I feel there's dryness around, I'll just take this Multi Mist out and spray all over my face and it works like wonder!

Be it winter or tropical weather, my skin needs Dr. Murad's Prebiotic 3-in-1 multi mist to keeps it hydrated as much as my body needs water. Available at Murad Malaysia's Official Website and it's selling for RM158/100ml. Try it to believe it!

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