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Okay I think by now everyone is aware of how much I love Japan and their stuff be it skincare, cosmetics, house ware, food & snacks etc, like I literally wish I could stay in Japan for 1 to 2 months every season! Their craftsmanship and service are so freaking mind blowing amazing that it's hard for a Malaysian like me to comprehend. 

A bit out of the topic but yes, I'm so happy and grateful everytime I get the chance to use and share about Japanese products, it's like a signal from the universe to show me that Japan knows my love for it. This time, the products I'm going to share with you are products from Utena - one of Japanese best selling skincare brand that many Japanese are using too. I saw a lot of people buying this brand's products at Donki and drugstores, which totally tell why it's one of the popular skincare brand among other Japanese brand.

Don't know why I forgot to include this "group photo" into my recent Instagram post XD

As you can see there are as many as 7 different type of Golden Jelly Masks you can choose from this Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask selection and each packet of mask weights about 33g! That's super crazy because I've never encounter mask packet that's as heavy as this! Loaded with tons of golden goodness!

Since there are 7 types to choose from, which type is more suitable for my skin you may ask. I'm gonna list down these 7 type of masks and their benefits so you can choose the mask type according to your skin condition. 

Yes, if you notice, due to hormonal reasons every week our skin seems to appear differently, sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's oily, sometimes there are acnes, sometimes just looked plain dull. So choose the mask type according to your skin condition (or mood like me hahahaha).

7 types of Utena Premiume Puresa Golden Jelly Masks are:
  •  DOUBLE COLLAGEN : Contains barley extract that moisturises skin and yeast extract that protects skin from environmental harm, This double collagen type mask will tighten and moisturises skin, boost and nourishes skin so our skin can be withstand the harm brought by harsh weather and environment.
  •  DOUBLE BRIGHTENING : Made with coix seed, rice bran oil, glutinous rice essence and pearl essence for double brightening effect. This mask is use to target dullness of skin, brightens skin tone as well as moisturises skin thoroughly. 
  •  LAVENDER EXTRACTS : Limited edition Hokkaido Lavender extracts! (It got me when it's limited edition) Contains lavender essence that moisturises and balance skin's condition, its refreshing fragrant is very soothing and calming, perfect for night use! With enhanced moisturising power (contains 10 kinds of moisturising ingredients: creaming, squalene, 8 kinds of amino acids) as well as trehalose, this lavender extract mask is gonna fully penetrates all the moisturising goodness deep into skin, which boost skin's moisture and elasticity instantly!
  •  ROSE EXTRACTS : Combining Centifolia Rose extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly, this rose golden jelly mask creates an anti-inflammatory effect on skin as well as moisturising skin and improves skin's dullness. It can also be use for after-sun care that stops the burning of skin and also delivers an anti-oxidation effect to skin.
  •  PEACH EXTRACTS : This special peach type mask's jelly is extracted from fresh peach, combines with 4 types of luxurious beauty ingredients - Hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, collagen and ceramics, skin will be indulge in the goodness of beauty and fruity peach golden jelly mask.
  •  DOUBLE HYALURONIC ACID : Skin needs tons of hyaluronic acid to retain water and keep's skin condition moist and supple, this double hyaluronic acid golden jelly mask contains double the portion of hyaluronic acid, provides all the moisture that skin need. 
  •  DOUBLE ROYAL JELLY : With royal jelly essence and rich gold jelly's anti-ageing benefit, this double royal golden jelly mask instantly boost skin's moisture and elasticity, it also helps maintain skin's suppleness for longer lasting moisturising effect. 

(In case you didn't notice, the "W" in Japanese products packaging means double. Hope this tip helps)

Phew that was a long one! And now I'm gonna show you the quality of this Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask because I did try out the mask instantly after I get the products (who can resist!). So I took a series step-by-step photos:

I tried the Double Royal Jelly Golden Jelly Mask

Since this mask is very rich and nourishing, was advised to use the mask once to twice per week. Since each box comes with 3 packets of the mask so it's sufficient for 2 to 3 weeks mask usage, other days just do scrubs to remove dead skin cells to ensure skin can effectively absorb all the nourishment the mask delivers.

contains 3 packets of mask in each box

It's loaded with tons of royal jelly extracts and golden jelly!
Faced a bit of issue trying to open up the sheet mask because it's so rich!

High quality mask material, with the open cut design, this sheet mask adheres and fits my face shape, which is a plus point for me!

I often face the issue when it comes to mask shape because of my bigger, rounder facial feature but this mask fits my face shape and I can easily adhere the mask without any issue. Happy~ 

As less wrinkle as it can be, and I can feel my skin being moisturises by the mask

Although it's hard to notice the difference of my skin condition through the photos, I can feel my skin condition being boosted and nourished after I apply Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask. It made my skin feel soft and supple for the whole day that my face is literally glowing! Love the after effect and think my skin condition can be improve if I keep this facial mask routine going for a long period.

If you don't know which one to get, I suggest you to get all 7 types so you can deal with any skin issues any day! That's like 21 masks supply that can last you for 5 and a half month! Totally don't have to worry about running out of mask supple for a long period hahahaha just like me!

Aside from weekly skin "maintenance", you notice there's a luxurious bottle of golden jelly lotion right? I was so excited to try out Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Lotion because I read so many good reviews about it too.

Although I haven't been to Kanazawa 金沢, Japan, but I've heard bout its "Kanazawa Gold Leaf" tradition which is 400 years already. Remember where people used to eat ice cream covered with gold leaf? Yup, this tradition is from Kanazawa.

Since it's beneficial to the body ( and luxurious as well), gold leaf is widely use in food and cosmetic products of Japan. It's water soluble, hence the nano gold leaf extracts can be efficiently absorb into skin, revitalises skin's condition and help boost the absorption of skincare beauty ingredients.

Aside from gold leaf, Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Lotion also has royal jelly essence that repairs damages skin, as well as build up a skin barrier that protects skin from more harmful damages. Neosolue-Aqulio, is the main reason why you should use this bottle of golden jelly lotion right after cleansing and before you apply mask or any skincare routine because it works as a "booster" for skin to absorb more of what you're applying next.

Hence in order to get the best from all the mask and skincare ingredients, it is advisable to use an "enhancer" or "booster" lotion like Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Lotion to prepare skin condition and absorb as much nutrients as it could during skincare routine.

Mesmerized by its golden, luxurious colour

made of lightweight gel type with visible gold leaf! Can't wait to apply these onto my skin. 

This bottle of golden jelly lotion also includes hyaluronic acid, collagen, coix seed extracts and yeast extracts, that keeps skin moisture, maintains elasticity as well as balance skin condition at a healthy level. I love its gel-like texture as well, non greasy and easily absorb into skin but still maintain the dewy moisture glow of skin really make my skin appear healthy at first application!

Thanks to Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask & Lotion that make my skin looks so glowy and healthy after I come back from travel. Travel is often exhausted and the tiring makes skin looks dull all the time, but I can feel the difference of my skin after I apply the lotion and mask. 

They are available at major drugstores and beauty shops like Watsons, Aeon Wellness, SaSa Malaysia, as well as Play Up Advance and Tokyo Ninki website. Do check them out when you're around and grab a box of golden jelly mask to try!

For more information:

190ml - RM88

One box 3 packets - RM27.90

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