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When beauty and aesthetic industry were allowed to operate business within SOP guidelines last month, I was so happy because I finally get to fix my ugly nails and of course, at one of the top nail salon of Sabah which is now officially landed in Kuala Lumpur since January - Maniqure. 

Just noticed that my hair colour is the same with Manicure's branding is this fate!!!

Located at one of the busiest town - Sri Petaling, it's super easy to plan a day where you can fit your lunch-manicure session-dinner in just one go to minimize outing + efficient time managing. Also, if you're driving to Sri Petaling like me and knows how headache it is to find a parking space in this area, park inside the parking building and walk over to Maniqure takes only 3 mins! Parking issue solved hahaha. 

When I step into the nail salon and greeted with friendly welcome, just casually browsing around the nail salon made me feel so happy because I saw there are plenty of instagrammable spots I can take photos with my fresh nails right after the manicure session. It's hard to find an aesthetically pleasing set-up at home and lighting is always off, hence I prefer places with lots of natural light/sufficient lighting like how Maniqure did with their interior.

Such a pretty set up for an entrance.
If I didn't tell you you wouldn't even notice that this is where customer sits and wear/take off their shoes lololol

Comfy area where your friend/partner can wait and chill with an iPad prepare by Maniqure for all their entertainment needs. 

Such a dreamy corner. Maniqure is going to further furnish this area and make it an area where friends can chill for tea and have manicure sessions together. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Comfortable pedicure area, comes with iPad for your entertainment needs while getting nails done.
Currently only accommodating 3 customers at one time due to social distancing guideline. 

All areas are sanitised after each session to ensure an hygienic environment

Lovely and cozy, can't wait to start my manicure session

Stress free and feeling secure with area being sanitised as well as sneeze guard being set up at station before manicure session starts

Flower tea beings served indicates the start of my 2 hours pamper session

I can't recall since when I started doing gel manicure, but every once in awhile I will go to nail salons and pamper myself with manicure sessions. I've come to this stage where I no longer want to think of design of my own and just want to relax and enjoy the session with guaranteed pretty nails outcome. 

Hence being the FIRST manicure salon in Malaysia who have their own app, you can check out their designs being posted on the app. So many different types to choose from and the bad thing is - ALL OF THEM LOOKED SO PRETTY I WANT ALL THE DESIGNS! Greedy me lol. 

This design speaks to me most, so I choose you!

Aside from letting you browse nail designs, you can also checkout their pricing listed with each and every design so you won't get heart attack whenever receiving the manicure bill at the end of the session. I feel that pricing transparency is one of the many reason I recommend Maniqure to manicure lovers, you get what you see and pay for what you get, great for budget management!

After browsing and checking price, you can also book your manicure pedicure session slot through the app! 1, 2, 3 and voila, just show up at Maniqure on your booked slot and get your manicure session done totally stress free! App is available for download at both Apple AppStore and Google Playstore. I've linked the app download underneath for your convenience so click it!

My manicurist was cute and skilful as well. She constantly checks with me whether I feel pain at the nail bed area as she noticed how my nails are thin and brittle. Her buffing skills are on point as I don't recall feel pain or any sensation after she applying the gel nail polish (which mostly I felt stung).

Since my choice of nail designs come with big nail accessories, she make sure each and every one of them are right on the centre point as well as make sure they're wrapped by coating perfectly so I won't feel pokey or its claws hooked onto anything accidentally. These attention to small details really does make me feel pampered and cared throughout the manicure session. 

She even show me her latest nail art which has Sailor Moon because I told her I love Sailor Moon designs!
Demon Slayer nail designs too? Demon Slayer fans hook her up!

A portion of nail art accessories collection and I can't stress this enough:
They have Sailor Moon related accessories too hence I'm pumped to plan for my next manicure session already!

Despite the complicated designs and layers of wrapping, my manicurist manage to get everything done in 2 hours and I'm impressed! Each and every nails look so fine and classy I can't wait to show them off and remember they have this pretty and chic corner for photo taking? Let's go over!

Such a chic photo taking corner the instagram-addict version of me is crying in happy tears

Manicurists in Maniqure are helpful as well, my manicurist basically helped me snap tons of photos that day for my social media needs! From my fresh nails to OOTD! Most of the time it's awkward to ask people help you to snap photos but my manicurist is so passionate about taking the perfect shots hence I don't feel shy anymore and buay paiseh ask her help me snap at different angles. 

My nail designs are 100% same as what I saw on the app! Woot!

How can I not love this place and it's instagrammable quality with helpful manicurist to be my temporary photographers of the day? That's not all, we took even more shots at the entrance:

Social media platforms photos DONE! lololol
IG, STORY, FB, BLOG, You name it!

I snapped more photos of my nails back home just because they are too god damn pretty and I want to keep more snippets of this beautiful thing in my life:

Okay enough of showing off my nails hahaha. You can too own this set of nail design, just contact Maniqure through their app or look into details attached right at the end of this blog post. Thank you Maniqure for such a wonderful manicure session and I definitely will go back and achieve my Sailor Moon nail design dream!

Thank you Maniqure's Manicurist team for your hard work

Picasso theme for July
Every two months they will come out with new design series so make sure to check out their app for more nail designs to choose from.

For More Information:

Maniqure Nail Salon, 3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, 
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(same row as KWSP)

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun :11a.m. - 8p.m.
Tuesday: Offday

Contact number:



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