Monday, September 28, 2020


I'm a blogger for more than a decade and for the past few years, a lot of things have changed. People focused more on pretty photos than reading a long blog post, hence I shifted most of my sharing to Instagram. 

However, I noticed there's still something missing. Something that I can't fully convey in a short caption. Being someone who felt everything deeply and trying to immerse herself in every life experience, Instagram captions kinda limit my output method. Hence I always felt that I can express myself better using a blog post.

For someone who is always on the go for the past few years, I'm trying to link both my Instagram and Blogging together however I find that there's always a big gap in trying to connect my followers between two platforms. Hence I was very happy to find out that IgLinks is available and let me update my links for sharing purposes without having to edit my Instagram profile website constantly!

Did I mention it was literally a one stop links hub because anyone who view my IgLinks page are able to connect with me through all the methods I've listed on the page and also, able to view my previous blog links in one glance! Plus it's super easy to setup! Let me show ya:

First, choose a name for your link
You can create multiple links under different account packages for easy various account management 

I've chose a beautiful purple gradient theme to match with my profile picture.
Didn't realise I'm got such romantic side inside of me lololol

Start add on links onto your IgLinks page
You can even add links with images

Don't forget to add all your contact methods as well
Being a blogger-influencer is all about create good contents and let people reach you in the easiest way for future collaboration!

And the best part about IgLinks is you can do the links setup just by using your phone! That's right, don't need to switch on your laptop or pc to do all the links setup, you can always update your links through your mobile which literally means you can blog and link your platforms whenever you are! Isn't that great?

I'm satisfied with how it looks! Easy scrolling with contact methods, I'm so ready to take my blogger-influencer game to another level!

IgLinks offered different plans for your business management needs and as an micro influencer, be the first 300 sign ups to get FREE upgrade to the basic plan (worth RM19) and you'll get to customized your page background with pre-designed theme, manage 3 accounts with analytics! 

So sign up for FREE at IGLINKS.IO today!