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As someone who loves to travel and would travel for more than few trips a year to other countries, the global pandemic COVID-19 has shifted my perspective on travel for sure. As much as I would love to expand my travel boundaries, but I found that Malaysia has many lovely travel location waiting for me to explore. I would love to start my cuti-cuti Malaysia right from where I was born - Kuala Lumpur.

So how to enjoy a staycation in a city? Firstly, choose your hotel wisely. Look for hotels that offers great services with best money value. A place that you can feel relaxed without all the long journey ride, a place that's close to the city for the convenience but still feel surrounded by greens. Having searched for a little, I would highly recommend this all-suite-hotel called MiCasa. 

Girls staycation at this urban oasis gonna starts now!

For those who are born and raised in Kuala Lumpur like me are familiar with the hotel name MiCasa, as it is one of the reputable luxurious hotel around Kuala Lumpur and my heart is filled with nostalgic sentiments when I stepped into this all-suite hotel. When I looked out from my parents' car window, I always saw MiCasa when they drove along Jln Tun Razak. 

Greeted with friendly smiles and gestures with all, the hospitality portrays by all the staff at MiCasa are impeccable. Helpful staff who helped me with my luggage to courtesy call from the front desk to ensure everything in the room was okay and well arranged, I now understand why MiCasa remained as one of the reputable hotel around Kuala Lumpur comparing with those that established later. 

A pretty welcome gesture from the talented housekeeper! 

As to follow the new norm due to the global pandemic, MiCasa take hygienic precautions seriously to ensure safety for all the guests. All staff and guests are required to wear face mask at public areas, temperature measurements are taken upon check in. Sanitizing are increased at public areas and UVC light sterilisers are used to sterilize and sanitise room upon check out to make sure it's clean and safe for the next guest. 

The room is exactly the same from what I saw on the website
Modern yet cozy design of the interior

I can sit here and admire the beautiful KL scenery all day

My room from another angle.
This room type is called One Bedroom Studio King

Cozy bed! Makes me wanna take a nap right now!

Squeaky clean toilet checked! 

Comes with all the toiletries for guests convenience. 

And what I didn't expect from this hotel is this:

A fully functional kitchen equipped with all the basic kitchen utensils for daily usage
Wow I'm seriously impressed!

Last but not least - in room coffee and tea supplies with complimentary bottled drinks as welcome gesture from the hotel!

Secondly, invite someone whom you can chill and enjoy the staycation with, be it your parents/friends/ or partner. I invited one of my bestie to enjoy this staycation with me. She loves good hotels, great food and good cocktails, so she immediately said yes when I invited her over to take a little time off the daily life's hustle-bustle. After checking in and rest for a while, we headed to MiCasa's all-day dining which is located at G floor at this restaurant called Tapas Bistro & Bar.

We ordered two sets of 3 course dinner with different mains so we can taste the different menu. The food was unexpectedly delicious that we keep praising the food and the chef. What surprised me the most is when I check the receipt, I was shocked at how affordable the 3 course meal was! Definitely worth every cent spent!

  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Farm Picked Mushroom Soup

  • Pan fried Halibut Fish
  • Grilled Lamb Chop
  • Crème Bruleé

Me and my friend enjoyed our meal from 7:30p.m. to over 9p.m.
When there's good food and good companion, time flies!

We too ordered a "nightcap" for an end of this relaxing evening with this special in-house cocktail which is a special drink menu in MiCasa's Tapas Bistro & Bar - Rambutan Cocktail. The sweetness of rambutan matches so well with the dash of vodka I wonder why it isn't a big hit in Kuala Lumpur as it should! 

Rambutan Cocktail! Sweet yet refreshing, a perfect ending for the night!

Cheers to enjoying a staycation together, creating memories! 

One hour later, we were already lying on the king size bed in the room, heart and tummy feeling contented. We chatted for awhile more before dozing off. I miss the late night chat with my bestie already. 

Good night~!

Thirdly, check out what facilities and activities are offered by the hotel of your staycation selection. As for MiCasa, they have frequently sanitised gym and natural salt-water pool. I opted for pool during the evening the day of my check-in because I wanted to sun tan a bit (been trying to change my outlook ever since I started diving).

From my observations, social distancing too implied at the pool area for sunbeds. Hence it was a perfectly comfortable environment for hotel guests to use the loungers. I had the luxury of having the pool area all by myself when I visited hence it was really a carefree session! Took tons of photos around this beautiful place too. 

Aside from hotel facilities, MiCasa All Suite Hotel offers variety of weekend activities too and I joined them all! Early in the morning me and my friend took part in the Urban Yoga hosted by experienced yoga instructor Intan Baizura. She has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and teaching for the past 4 years. This Urban Yoga session was a 90 minutes yoga session and was held at the deck above MiCasa's pool area. 

Warming up to a 90 minutes yoga session

I remembered I struggled through the 90 minutes as I'm not as flexible (and active) as I used to be but it was a fun session because what can beat the feeling of doing yoga under blue sky with early sun as well as breathing in fresh air? Our yoga instructor guided us patiently throughout these 90 minutes and I was glad I joined! After going through a series of yoga poses, I can feel that my body felt so relieved and rejuvenated. 

Group photo of all attendees and our Yoga instructor Intan Baizura

This Urban Yoga weekend can also join by non-staying guests under the strict social distancing, temperature checking and sanitising SOP. If you're staying around KL and would like to join the Urban Yoga session, do checkout MiCasa's website for the latest event date. There are 2 types of packages available for the yoga session:
  • RM35.00 per session with welcome snacks
  • RM65.00 per session with welcome snacks and set breakfast

Welcome snacks - Healthy fruit juice with fruit tarts

Yoga session with welcome snacks and set breakfast - RM65.00
Having your delicious set breakfast by the pool - Priceless!

I had to let you know that their set breakfast taste super awesome, taste better than most of the cafes around Kuala Lumpur! RM65.00 per session is such a great deal! Hence me and my friend opted for the RM65.00 package and had a wonderful, hearty breakfast by the pool after the yoga session. What a perfect start of the day!

The highlight of my stay was this activity that started right after our breakfast - Mermaid Freediving course hosted by Steven Tan at MiCasa's natural salt water pool! Steven is a mermaid instructor with years of mermaiding experience and coaching. My very first mermaid tail wearing experience!!! I was so excited because I've been wanting to try mermaid freediving!

Mermaid Instructor - Steven Tan

Steven is a very patient and skilful instructor, he literally gives his all while teaching us from how-to-wear a mermaid tail to how to swim like a mermaid. We swam back and forth mermaid style for more than 2 hours! It was exhausting but fun, best of all Steven said that he managed to lose 15kgs in 6 month because of mermaid free diving. What???!!! Sign me up please!

As a beginner like us, mermaid tail is just a photoshoot costume because we're not familiar with its weight and it might be dangerous if we do not know how to swim with the tail on. Hence we need to practice the mermaid swimming style back and forth until we get the hang of it. I think the swimming just burnt all the calories I took during breakfast. 

Swimming with fins on without leg kicking is really challenging

After getting familiar with the swimming style, I put on another mermaid tail to try out a few laps. The photos and videos effect are stunning! Due to the salt water pool of MiCasa, I had no issues with opening my eyes under the water, I felt very comfortable! I should really consider taking this course, completing it and mermaiding as part time job!

Steven's Mermaid Freediving course is a collaboration program with MiCasa All Suite Hotel and this course will be held on a regular basis, info as below:

RM300 per person
Course includes 1 pool session, land photography & mermaid tail wearing experience and RM50
Tapas Dining Voucher
RM1,100 per adult / RM700 per child (no cert)
RM1,588 per adult / RM800 per child (with cert)
Course includes 4 theory & pool session skill assessment, underwater shooting with mermaid tail and
RM60 x 2 Tapas Dining Voucher
-Minimum 12 years of age and above (adult) and minimum 6 years of age (child)
Must have basic swimming skills with no fear of water

All underwater photos are taken by my bestie on that day, thank you so much for your support in many ways! I think I just found my new hobby! (again!)

Our staycation ended perfectly with tons of stunning photos, learning new things, and creating memories together with tons of laughter. I'm glad I decided to go for a staycation within the city, it was such a great experience! After reading my blog post, I'm sure you know how to enjoy a staycation at MiCasa now!

For more information:

MiCasa All Suite Hotel

368B Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia

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Contact number: 603-2179 8000


*this post is sponsored by MiCasa All Suite Hotel.

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